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Nobody objects to a woman being a good writer or sculptor or geneticist if at the same time she manages to be a good wife, good mother, good looking, good tempered, well groomed and unaggressive. ~ Leslie McIntyre

Thursday, October 15, 2009


     I've got some things to talk about tonight, but!

     You already know what I had for breakfast, snack and lunch today because that was ready and in the fridge when I went to bed last night. Linsey had dance class after school today and Regan was having a major temper tantrum AND my kitchen is a DISASTER so to actually cook dinner would have required cleaning my kitchen first. I have had one of the most trying and exhausting days and did not have the energy to cook so...we ordered Dominos. I don't feel guilty about it because it was a small pizza, thin crust and had mushrooms and pineapple. I also sliced up two super sweet honey crisp apples for the girls and I to share as well as carrot sticks. Not the best dinner, but far from the worst we could have had. Jason will be working really late tonight and he's got left overs from dinner last night to munch on when he gets home.

Now, on to my rant...

     I'm so frustrated right now I can barely speak let alone type out coherent sentences that actually get my point across.! (I'll manage somehow!) I'm ready to do nothing else but go to be;: however, Linsey and Regan are no where near ready for bed and it would be completely unfair to them if I went. They're only kids and want attention from mommy regardless of what kind of day I've had.
     It all started at around 7:45 this morning when I realized my co-worker had a shitty attitude! It's frustrating trying to get across to people that when you're kids are sick they want their MOMMY (especially when these people have kids) and Daddy just isn't the same. The truely frustrating part is that I work at Regan's school. They're supposed to be the most understanding when it comes to kids being sick because we deal with it ALL the time, but (oddly enough) they seem to be the LEAST understanding. I have vacation time so what's the problem?
     My daughter's are more important to me than my job and if staying home with them when they're sick jeopardizes it in some way...I DON'T CARE! I have a goal. It's good to have goals. Right?
     The other issue that is making me crazy right now is insurance. I work full time and cannot afford to add my daughters onto my plan. It would take HALF of my monthly income to cover them and I already pay the other half in tuition (when I can) for Regan to be there WHILE I'm working. So (not being too proud for assistance) I applied for medicaid. We were told that we make too much money (we bring home $3200 a month for a family of 4) to qualify for the free plan, but we can get a 'premium' plan for $85 a month. FINE. Sign me least the girls are covered. BUT WAIT...we can't use the card (which is in my wallet) until we make our first 'premium' payment and we can't do that until we get the proper paperwork in the mail, sign it and mail it back! In the meantime, Linsey and Regan have both been sick (luckily it was treatable at home) and I can't take them to the doctor unless I want to pay out of pocket and HOPE to get reimbursed.
     I am disgusted in the system that we currently have. I can get more help from our government if I quit my job and sit at home on my lazy ass then I can as a full time worker with a 'regular' job! It's highly disturbing and quite upsetting to me as a mother and as an American. Do we value the family at all anymore? Do we really want the family unit to be taken care of or is it that we want certain family units to be taken care of and the rest of us can 'fend for ourselves'?
     I pray everyday that President Obama follows through with all the promises and ideas that I voted for when I voted for him. I hope he remembers that there are regular families suffering who may not be at or below poverty level, but certainly aren't rich either. There is a middle class that is hard working, trying to provide a good life for their children and want nothing more than peace of mind and NOT a piece of the pie.


Sara A Broers said...

I hear ya! I worked at a school for five years and I so agree with you. They always say they support families, etc. but when it came time to take care of your own, forget it! It's all about the almighty dollar and not about our families. It would be nice if schools would walk the talk! They sure talk the walk...........And your comments on healthcare, yes- things do need to change! I do not know what the answers are, but more money, penalties, and taxes for those that can't afford health insurance, makes no sense to this Mom! I enjoy your tweets and your blog- Keep it up. Hey, tomorrow is a new day........and it's Friday!

RealFitMama said...


Thanks for the positive words. It's good to know that others out there understand. Tomorrow IS a new day...and it's going to be beautiful!


o0.stephanie.0o said...

I agree that it is a struggle to balance work and family. I agree that healthcare is expensive. I don't, however, agree with Obama and socialized healthcare. Watch this video if you dare. I work 40 hours a week and pay over $500 a month for insurance for Diego, Helar, and myself. It sucks, but these are the sacrifices we make to provide for our families. Anything worth having is worth working for.

Jeffrey said...

I'm confused. You say your co-worker has a "shitty attitude" but then say the school is "...supposed to be the most understanding..." Is it just one person who has a problem with you being out or is it the culture of the organization?

Also, being a daddy, is different, but in my house daddy is often chosen over mommy. Careful with the blanket statements. :-)

I hope things get better!


RealFitMama said...


I love ya sis, but will not have a political debate with you via my blog (or any other time for that matter). We have differing views and that's what makes this country great. We can HAVE differing views!
In terms of insurance and what we pay for DOES suck. That is my point. It is ridiculous that insurance companies are allowed to charge what they do for healthcare. In MY opinion (and many others I know) healthcare is a RIGHT, NOT a priviledge.


RealFitMama said...


Thanks for the comment. The 'blanket statement' was meant in reference to my house only. I wouldn't dare speak on behalf/in place of others.
With regard to the 'shitty attitude' that was mostly one person specifically wondering why the 'Daddy' can't take the day off to stay home with a sick child? That is my feeling though, not a fact.


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