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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Night Turns Into Day too Fast...

What a day! Regan and I were home together because of her fever yesterday, but we've gone beyond the 24 hour fever free requirement, and she is ready to go back to school. She ran amuck today! We enjoyed books and cartoons and trucks and baby dolls and 'yummy pasta' as she told me while we ate dinner together.
Linsey had a girl scout meeting tonight so after picking her up from school she had to get her homework done, relax for a little while and then play with Regan while I made us my 'go to' dinner for nights just like this.

1. a box of Barilla whole grain rotini

2. a jar of Ragu cheesy roasted garlic parmesean

3. 1/2 bag of Morningstar Farms veggie chicken strips (chopped)

Cook the pasta, stir in the Ragu sauce, and brown the veggie chicken strips in a dry skillet.
In your microwave cook a package of steam-in-bag broccoli, chop it and add to the pasta mixture.

It ends up being a meal that your kids love and the best part is that you can add any veggies you want! I've realized (with my girls anyway) that you can put just about any vegetable you want into a pasta dish and kids will eat it. It's a great way to sneak in vegetables that your kids might not eat by themselves.

The girls and I needed a bite of something sweet after dinner so we each had a treat that we hadn't had in FOREVER (partly because I forgot these were in the pantry)...

Who doesn't enjoy an oreo (or two) every now and then?

It's time for bed already and I'm prepared for my day until dinner time tomorrow night.

I've got my breakfast ready to prepare once I get to work...


Steel cut oats with vanilla soy milk, pumpkin butter, almond butter, dried cherries and golden raisins. YUMMY!

Lunch is just leftovers from dinner tonight, but will be just as tasty tomorrow as it was the first time.

Sadly, I even have a morning AND afternoon snack ready and in my bag.
I hope the weather is good enough for Linsey and I to do our mother/daughter run/walk inthe moring. She's actually excited about it...which makes me happy.


Life moves too fast sometimes. It makes me wish I had enjoyed some of the smaller more 'everyday' things today. I'm sure we all say that at the end of the day sometimes, but as a mother I feel it ALL the time. I wish I had spent more time playing games with my girls or not been at work all day or not gotten so irritated while trying to clean up from dinner. I wish, I wish, I wish.
I wish to go to sleep...


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