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Nobody objects to a woman being a good writer or sculptor or geneticist if at the same time she manages to be a good wife, good mother, good looking, good tempered, well groomed and unaggressive. ~ Leslie McIntyre

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Let the Madness Continue...or not!

The girls and I made it to Target and got a replacement wallet (that I have to return because it's too small) and as we pulled into the driveway I saw the lady who lives next door standing beside her yard with a cane all alone. As I got out of the car she was yelling for me and when I got closer to her she was crying and screaming that her leg and foot hurt and she couldn't get into her house and PLEASE call 911! (PANIC)

So I had Linsey run into the house and grab my phone so I could call 911 because I could not have been able to help her and I was terrified she would fall and then I would really be stuck. So I've got Regan in the car still in her car seat, Linsey bringing me a chair from inside our house so the neighbor lady could at least sit down and then an ambulance on the way. She cried and moaned the whole time we waited and I felt so terrible, but I didn't really know what to do. I don't even know her name! Finally the paramedics got there and took over and called her husband home from work. They told me she was ok, but found out she's a diabetic and having serious trouble with her health.

So, we got that situation under control (I guess) and go inside to have dinner...
(leftover roasted vegetable pasta with sea salt)

The girls are going CRAZY! Regan's screaming that she wants chips for dinner and doesn't like taking a bath. Linsey is freaking out because all her stuff isn't ready yet for the Halloween party tomorrow and Jason is texting me NONSTOP to find out what's going on with the lady next door. My nerves can't take all that at once! Then to top off my crazy evening...I FORGOT THE CREAM CHEESE FOR THE 'CHEESY MONSTER FINGERS'!!! Can this night get any worse?
I tell Jason that I am freaking out and he offers to come home from class and help me.
(which is code for do it himself...he is a chef after all)
Isn't he sweet?

While I waited for my knight in shining armor...
 (in honor of National Chocolate Day)

An almond windmill with Trader Joe's Fair Trade Chocolate! Can't beat that!

Finally I was able to get the girls bathed, in jammies and in bed. PRAISE THE LORD!
Now Jason's doing the Halloween Party treats

(here he's making Monster Mouths out of apples)

And I am on the kitchen floor watching him while I work on this post. Isn't my life grand?
Maybe I should finish this, get up and actually help. Or maybe I'll just finish my starbucks I bought while having a minor meltdown at Target and then go to bed (sadly I can do that).

Either way...goodnight sweet readers.


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