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Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's A COOOOOLD Sunday...

We woke up to a pretty cold morning here in St Louis. Linsey and I took our dog Oliver (a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel) out for a VERY quick walk while Jason and Regan watched cartoons in bed. It was much colder than I had anticipated! I decided that there would be nothing better to have for breakfast on this cold Sunday morning than...

                                                         apple cinnamon pancakes!!

When they are cooking the whole house smells like an apple pie and they are sooo easy to make. I really like the Fiber One pancake mix (it adds a lot of fiber and nutrients to a meal that is otherwise lacking) I just grated up two or three apples (straight from our apple picking extravaganza a couple weekends ago) and mixed it all together. Scrambled eggs, morningstar farms veggie sausage and a GIANT cup of coffee rounded out the morning for Jason and I. Truthfully, coffee rounds out any morning for us perfectly. :-)

Linsey and Regan were just as excited about their mugs of hot chocolate. YUMMY! So excited, in fact, that they drank almost all of it before I could even get a picture, but that just means they loved it. Surprisingly, Linsey didn't complain that there were apples in her pancakes. Normally she doesn't like to step out of her food comfort box AT ALL. I was so very proud of her.
Now we're off to spend the afternoon running errands. A chilly Sunday afternoon is best spent at Target, the Galleria (so Regan can spend her birthday gift card at the Gap) and grocery shopping for the week.
Time to shower and head out the door...


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