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Friday, October 16, 2009

The Girl Scouts DON'T Go Hiking...

So Jackson Park Girl Scout Troop 1232 went to Powder Valley Conservation Center for the evening.

 We did crafts. We learned about animals. We did NOT go hiking! It started POURING down rain after we got there, a power line fell onto the hiking trail and we were banned from the trails for the rest of the night. BUMMER!

We made the best of it indoors by doing leaf rubbings...

learning about owls...

& opossums!
(did you know that they CANNOT carry rabies?)

We made our own nature puppet show...

heard a story told by an owl...

and adventured into a club house where the adults were NOT allowed!

All in all the girls seemed to have enjoyed themselves despite not being able to do the nature hike.

When we were done for the night and had said good bye to our friends Linsey, her friend Olivia and I got into the car. I broke out the apples that I had made earlier (remember...the yummy ones sprinkled with cinnamon and brown sugar) and passed them out to the girls to enjoy on the ride home. As I'm driving I ask the question..."Linsey, do you like it?"
This time I'm positive that I'll get, "Yeah Mom. They're great!"
I turn around and hear my beautiful, intelligent and sweet daughter say, "Sort of."

I now know not to waste my time making this 'treat' for her lunch any time soon...SHE HATES IT!

This realfitmama is exhausted! Goodnight followers...


sarah said...

Got AJ to eat an entire baby carrot the other night - a first! All it takes is one embarrassing public eating event (in this case, the boy scout campout) where one of the kids throws a fit about "not liking their food" to throw me into a frenzy of trying new foods (i.e. fruits and veggies). You WILL like it!!

RealFitMama said...

Just keep putting it in front of them. Eventually they will realize that THIS is dinner and THIS is it! That sometimes works with Linsey and sometimes she chooses to wait until the next meal to eat, but it's HER choice! I still feel bad when she's hungry, but I stick to my guns.

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