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Monday, October 12, 2009

Another Monday, Another Sick Child...

Sadly I'm at home for the second Monday in a row due to a child being sick. Last week it was Linsey (who decided to get sick while we were out of town) and this week it's Regan (who got sick literally right before bedtime last night!) I think that being home while Linsey's sick is much easier than being with Regan. When Linsey's sick she acts sick! She lays on the bed and doesn't move and watches TV and doesn't make any noise and is content to just 'be sick', but Regan hasn't developed the 'I'm sick and MUST be dying' gene yet. She has a fever of 100.8 WITH medicine and is running around the house getting into everything, wanting every toy she owns out in the living room AND wants cartoons on as well. I guess I can get house work done while she's napping.

On a brighter note, I did log some miles this morning! I got in almost 3 miles before waking Linsey up for school. It felt good to be out just me and my ipod and the crisp morning air. After getting Linsey and Jason up and moving, I got a light breakfast together for the girls. Mugs of Vanilla Soymilk and mini bagels. They are the perfect size for their little hands! Regan likes apple sauce with hers and thankfully she will eat the different types...not JUST the plain apple sauce.

Her favorite right now is the Blueberry Pomegranate! She actually prefers those over the regular apple sauce cups that Linsey (and most other kids) prefer.I pray everyday that her eating habits don't change as she gets older. She's always willing to try new things by actually putting them in her mouth NOT just looking at it! The apple sauce cups are just a small example and with only 70 calories, 10 grams of sugar and no fat it's a great snack for kids because it also gives them 3 grams of fiber as well as 10% of their daily calcium needs. The pomegranate gives the added antioxidant boost that we ALL can benefit from.

After getting Linsey off to school and Jason off to work I finally got to enjoy my own breakfast. With Regan being home and 'sick' oatmeal and blueberries was the perfect choice! Quick, easy and good for me.

With a full tummy and a little girl who is sick, but isn't acting sick I've gotten about as much work done as I'm going to be able to until she goes down for a nap. I'll leave you with my view...

A computer and a HUGE cup of coffee! Enjoy your Monday...


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