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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I Need A Nap...

Here's how much of the cake was left the morning after the party!!

(of course I did take the ENTIRE top layer to work for my co-workers)

     So much has happened since Regan's birthday party. Well, maybe not sooo much, but it felt like a lot was taking place! Monday started off like any other Monday (except this week I actually went to work. NO SICK KIDS!) but I didn't get to work out. I was bummed about that, but I had forgotten to set my alarm Sunday night and didn't get up in time. It worked out though because Jason took the girls to school and I walked to work. I LOVE it when I get to do that.
     For breakfast I had a yummy bowl of oats with pumpkin butter, almond butter, dried cherries and vanilla soy milk. I am officially ADDICTED to that stuff!
     Lunch was my new favorite sandwich. It's roasted 'chicken' with a tiny bit of mayo, honey dijon, bibb lettuce and muenster cheese on 7 grain flax seed bread. SO GOOD!

(no pics though. SORRY! I forgot my memory card in my laptop)
     I was able to get in a decent cardio workout twice on Monday by walking to work because I had to walk to pick Linsey up from school when I got off work as well. Then she and I walked home (which is only a couple blocks) and then we got the car to go pick Regan up from school. We were heading to Target to pick up a few things when she started coughing and coughing and coughing and couldn't stop OR catch her breath!
     Instead of going to Target we went straight to the ER at St John's! We waited and waited and waited and FINALLY saw a doctor.
The coughing had kind of subsided (a little) and she was able to play with her sister while we waited.
But once they started poking and prodding at her she LOST IT!

By that time Regan was not a happy camper!
I managed to get this shot of her (with my blackberry) screaming for me to "up!"

     At the hospital they did a flu test (negative) checked for ear infections (negative) and then did a chest x-ray (supposedly looked normal) but they DID put her on an inhaler to help with the cough and we were able to go home.
     We had to have dinner at the hospital. Oddly enough, not the most nutritous options (it was cheap though) so I chose the veggie burger with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and skipped the fries. (ok I had a few!) Once we got home, Regan was so tired, but was still coughing really bad. Jason had to hold her down while I gave her the inhaler and then he ended up sleeping on the couch with her on his chest. HOW SWEET! It was definitely a long night for everyone!
     After the long night at the hospital I forgot (AGAIN!) to set my alarm an hour earlier so no morning workout today. I was a little relieved though (once I got over being bummed) because I was soooo tired! I've got it set and ready for tomorrow now so that I don't forget again when I go to bed.
     I tried something different for breakfast this morning (still no pics) At Whole Foods this weekend I bought the no fat Greek Style yogurt by Stoneyfield and added pumpkin butter and Cinnamon Puffins to it. It was pretty tasty! It wasn't as filling as my oats ( I had a banana before lunch) but I will definitely have it again.
Lunch was the same as Monday. I did have some Baked Cheddar & Sour Cream chips with it this time.

(I had a trying day at work today and that's ALL I'm going to say)

     Regan and I are hanging out on the couch watching Wonder Pets until it's time to pick Linsey up from dance class. I think dinner tonight is going to be left over pasta from this weekend. I might make a little salad to go with it or just steam some veggies...not really sure yet. I'll take some pics and let you know later. It is absolutely a 'relaxing on the couch with the girls night' and getting caught up on our TiVo'd episodes of GLEE.

That is a MUST!


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