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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Oh Daughtry, How Do I Love Thee?

What a morning!
Regan had a very rough night last night...therefore I had a very rough night last night and so did Jason.
(he ended up sleeping on the couch!)
She woke up at 11:30 and wanted to get in bed with me (which she NEVER does) and that sent Jason to the couch because she tosses and turns and kicks and hits and he can't sleep with all that. Then around 3:30 this morning she woke me up by talking in my ear and asking me, "Mama, where daddy go?" I ended up getting her to go back into her bed (THANKFULLY) and Jason was able to peel himself off the couch and come back to bed.
And then...5:45 am came! Time to get up and run...and I did it, even though I really wanted to hit the snooze button for as long as possible!
My run really made me feel so much better though and by the time I was done I was awake and ready for the day.

My morning workout partner and I are an interesting duo to watch run together (or walk real fast which is what we usually do) because I'm only 5 feet 4 inches and Jeff is 6 feet and OH DEAR GOD WHERE IS THE TOP OF YOUR HEAD? But this week he's had to skip working out because his lovely wife has been out of town. So, sadly, I've had to spend my mornings with Daughtry. What a way to spend 30 minutes! It's tough...NOT! Their first album (which is a staple on my ipod) is PERFECT to run to in the mornings. It is fast for the right amount of time and then slows down for the right amount of time and Chris' voice is AMAZING! Jason makes fun of me for listening to that album over and over again, but in my humble opinion it is the BEST workout album. Oh I do love thee!

I realized that yesterday and today I didn't do a full 3 miles. It's actually right at 2.7 miles, but I feel like it's a decent place to start in this whole marathon training thing. I'm adding one longer stretch of running every morning intead of a few short stretches. I think that if I can do one long stretch and each week make that stretch start a little sooner then in a month or so I'll be able to run the ENTIRE thing! At least that is my plan.

I decided to wear my pink Chuck's today!

You cannot have a bad day when you're wearing pink Chuck Taylors!!

For breakfast I had my oats as usual...

(excuse the not so pretty dishes...they're from work)

I had 1 cup of already cooked oats, 1/2 cup vanilla soymilk, 1 cereal spoon full of almond butter, 2 cereal spoons full of pumpkin butter (I LOVE that stuff) a few dried cherries and 1/2 a banan sliced on top. Then my must have travel mug of smokin hot coffee!
(actually it's a little warmer than room temperature , but I like saying smokin hot)

I ran my little butt of at work today (which was an added work out) trying to get today's stuff done and prep for tomorrow cause I'm flying solo AND Jason and I had Regan's transition meeting at 1pm. Our baby is moving on from her safety net of the Infant/Toddler room and moving into the 2 year old room starting Monday...I cannot believe it!

After the meeting I had a quick lunch.
(exactly what I ate for dinner lastnight)

(once again...excuse the unfancy plate)

I am addicted to this new bread AND muenster cheese is soooo good!
I finally ended my day, picked up Regan from her classroom and we went home. Linsey is at dance class and (thankfully) it's not my day to drive so Regan and I are hanging out on the couch sharing a bowl of Peanut Butter Puffins...

I've got to do the dishes before we can have dinner, but I've got a little time before Linsey gets home.

What to make for dinner?
Maybe grilled cheese and tomato soup.
That's a perfect cold & rainy evening meal...


Sarah H said...

I like Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl, Harajuku Girls and Orange County Girl are great for running! Everlast keeps a good pace, too.

RealFitMama said...


That's good to know! I'm also a fan of Fergie with and without the Black Eyed Peas.

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