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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's just the flu people!

     My older daughter, Linsey, has been sick since Saturday and has been out of school all week. She has been enjoying herself today by laying around in my bed all day watching the Disney Channel. She's a typical 8 year old girl who loves Hannah Montana and The Jonas Brothers so this is right up her alley (minus the being sick part). Little did we know, the whole time she's been home sick most of the time feeling like she's at death's door (she's a bit of a drama queen...I wonder where she gets it) people at her school have been discussing the possibility that she has H1N1. Granted, there is a confirmed case at her school (one of what I am going to guess is more like dozens) who cares if she does or not?
     If people would do their research they would know that H1N1 is really not that different from the average everyday flu! It's symptoms are the same and it's treatment is basically the same as well. I just hope that my sweet little girl (along with all of her friends and classmates who have also been sick) don't get ostracized because people are too lazy or too ignorant to get their facts together. Here is a GREAT article covering this very thing...

     I know this really has nothing to do with my 'training for a half marathon next year', but my family is important to me and I think I'm getting cabin fever and going a little stir crazy and possibly becoming a little obsessed with this whole blog forum and maybe need to turn off the computer for a while and vacuum my floor again and go back into the kitchen and bake something!!! Whew...I feel better. :-)


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