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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ray's napping...only got a few minutes!

Regan's napping (finally) so I've only got a few minutes for a quick post!

Lunch was good. Regan had leftovers from dinner lastnight. She loved everything we had and there was only a little bit left so I made sure to make a plate, wrap it up and keep in the fridge for her to have today.

(how adorable is that face?)

She is such a good eater and it makes me feel good to know that she's getting the proper nutrition and developing good eating habits at such a young age.
My lunch was yummy too...
We still have some apples left from apple picking at Eckert's so I made one of my fall favs! Grilled Cheese with a twist...
We didn't have any jarlsberg (which is my absolute favorite) but we had swiss cheese which is second best, but still quite tasty. So what I did was put a few slices of Yve's veggie turkey and veggie smoked chicken, a slice of swiss cheese and some thin apple slices on whole wheat bread with a little bit of honey dijon mustard on one side and some Sweet Baby Ray's on the other side. Then you just grill it in a pan like a regular grilled cheese sandwich.

I sliced up the rest of the apple to eat on the side. Now if only I had some tomato soup...

Gotta run. Only have an hour and a half to shower and get the dishes done before I have to pick Linsey up from school. She has a girl scout meeting tonight that I was supposed to be in charge of, but with Regan having been sick all week probably not the best idea to take her to the meeting! She's going to ride with a friend and tell me all about it when she gets home.

Off to take a super hot's COLD!!


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