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Thursday, October 8, 2009

NOT such a hard pill to swallow!

I have realized that being a working mom and trying to get all the everyday things done (like laundry, dishes, vacuuming, packing lunches, giving baths and then actually spending time with Jason, Linsey and Regan) can make squeezing in exercise a little difficult not to mention exhausting at times. Then add onto that making sure that all the meals you pack and cook and send down to your families stomachs are filled with as much nutrients as, I'm exhausted just talking about it! I manage to eat pretty healthy most of the time, but let's face it...who's perfect? Certainly not me! I enjoy shoving in a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting as much as the next gal, but only once in a while.
Now, I'm NOT a doctor (nor would I want to be) but I have done a fair amount of research regarding health, wellness and over all nutrition. I KNOW that I don't ALWAYS get the exact vitamins and nutrients in my diet (even though I'm sure mine is better than the average person) so I take a multi vitamin supplement EVERYDAY!!! I believe very strongly that doing that has helped me stay healthy when my daughter's get sick or when the general population is getting whatever icky illness is going around at the moment.
Having said all that, I have found some other supplements that I think have helped me feel even better over the past few months and wanted to pass along my findings...

I adore shopping at Trader Joe's. I get the majority of my groceries there and feel that they carry a great selection of vegetarian options as well as the 'normal' things we all buy. Something I realized recently is that they carry a decent array of vitamins and supplements as well. One I have fallen in love with and SWEAR by now is the Trader Darwin's Acidophilus & Probiotic Complex. The benefits of taking a probiotc are numerous, but the main function is to keep the colon clean and healthy and promote over all healthy digestive functions. I take two pills every day and have noticed a HUGE change in my digestion. tummy almost never feels bloated!

Another supplement I have begun to use on a daily basis is Wheat Grass. I tried a couple of times to drink wheat grass juice, but really couldn't handle the taste (sorry wheat grass juice fans). It was NOT for me, but luckily there is a pill form. These pills are fairly large and still have a 'grassy' taste, but NOTHING compared to the 'lawn in a glass' taste of the liquid form.

Wheat Grass also has a number of benefits such as helping to prevent tooth decay, lowering high blood pressure, neutralizing carcinogens, increases energy, adds strength to your hair and reduces dandruff. Wheat Grass also contains anti-aging abilities and can help prevent hair from going gray. YEAH!!! I began taking Wheat Grass to aid in digestion and was pleasently surprised to find out that it aided me in all those other areas as well. I take two pills daily and have noticed quite a difference in my energy level along with generaly feeling better all around.
Talk to your doctor before you start taking any supplements obviously, but do some research and see what you think. We could ALL use some added energy now and then...


Michele | aka Raw Juice Girl said...

I LOVE the Wheat Grass from Amazing Grass - I'm giving away two containers of Amazing Grass SuperFood on my latest contest, actually.

Doesn't the Wheat Grass make you feel amazing??!! It was fantabulous and really put a pep in my step on my last 30-day juice fast! :-D

By the way, I followed over from your comment on Jenna's blog (


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