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Friday, October 23, 2009

But Baby It's Cold Outside...

I was totally bummed this morning because there was no running and the rain had STOPPED! I had to be at work extra early this morning, which left no time to run, but there is ALWAYS tomorrow.


(what an unappealing picture)
Don't let the ugly, messy bowl fool you. These oats are so yummy!
It was the same mix as yesterday...1 c prepared oats, 1/2 c vanilla soymilk, 1 cereal spoon full of almond butter, 2 cereal spoons full of pumpkin butter, a few dried cherries and half of a banana sliced into the mixture
You really should try it!

Today was another 'run my little butt off' day. I was alone doing the job of 2 people so it made for a busier day, but not to worry. I knew it was coming and was able to get a little jump on the work yesterday before I left.

Once the bulk of the day was over and things had slowed down I was able to have some lunch and by then I was STARVING!

In a pinch these 3 items make a really hearty and (surprisingly) healthy lunch that looks like this when you're all finished...

I love brown rice and have become a fan of the single serving, heat and eat ones by minute rice.
Obviously I didn't eat the WHOLE bag of  steamers vegetables, but half of that WHOLE bag is only 67.5 calories! Then you mix that with the brown rice and throw on some oven cooked Morningstar Farms Buffalo are good to go!

Jason was home sick today. (he's got a virus of some kind and bronchitus) So after picking up Linsey from school the girls and I voted on having pizza for dinner. Not the healthiest, but we got thin crust, pacific veggie, light on the cheese. So all in all it's not THAT bad.
Plus, Linsey was invited to go with a friend to Trunk or Treat at the YMCA so dinner had to be earlier than normal for her to be ready when they wanted to pick her up.

After dinner she got her halloween costume on (she's a tie dyed witch?) and we had the arguement of layers.

"It's hot with a long sleeve shirt under the costume!"
"I don't want to wear knee high socks under my boots."
"Why do I have to wear a coat?"

"Yes Linsey."

"But why?"
"People won't be able to see my costume!"

"Baby, it's cold outside."

"I don't care. I won't be cold."

"But, baby, it's COLD outside!"

Her friend got here and she stepped out onto the porch and gave me the look of...Oh, now I get it!



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