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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Party's Over...

WOW! We had a great time during Regan's birthday party. There weren't a ton of people because some family from out of town were sick, but we still had good food and big laughs!

I started out the morning by making  myself a HUGE mug of hot coffee...

Then I made some great cinnamon chip scones. They were so good even Linsey ate them (OMG).  I made them even yummier by sprinkling some turbinado sugar on the top before I baked them. It gave them this yummy crunchy coating on the top...

After breakfast we finished up some last minute house cleaning (with kids there is ALWAYS last minute house cleaning) and then I got busy baking fresh corn bread muffins.
(what else do you eat with homemade chili?)

I have to say that these muffins were WAY better than the jiffy mix I grew up eating. The honey gives them this subtle sweetness that isn't over powering to the corn flavor. They are soooo good!
As I told you last night, one of Regan's favorite meals is chili
(my kid rocks)
So I made a giant pot of it last night. I (and my girls) are the only vegetarians that were going to be eating this giant pot of chili, but it's my house, my kitchen, MY FOOD! I figured the only person who would complain about the 'meatless chili' would be my father. Oh well...too bad for him...he'll live!
SURPRISE...he said, "this tastes like it has meat in it. Did you cheat?"
HA! Take that meat eaters!
No Dad, I didn't just ate vegetarian (vegan to be exact) chili AND you liked it!
Moving on...
Regan got some really cool presents from her party guests. I think she liked everything that she got, but who can tell with a 2 year old...they play with empty boxes!

Then the best part of any party...THE CAKE!

One of Jason's former co-workers made this cake for Regan and it was PERFECT! It matched the party invitations perfectly and everyone loved it. It was chocolate and butter cream and BANANA.

(because Monkey's LOVE bananas)

It looked amazing and it tasted FANTASTIC! It couldn't have been more perfect if Duff Goldman had made it himself...Thanks so much Colleen!

Isn't it AWESOME?!...

Then the group sang 'Happy Birthday' to Regan. She's so funny about having people sing to her and she starts acting so bashful. Trust me...she's NOT a shy little girl!

The day is winding down and tomorrow is Monday (sadly) so I'm going to spend the evening with Jason and the girls. I see another piece of birthday cake in my future (my NEAR future) and maybe some more chili.

Until next time dear readers...


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