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Monday, October 12, 2009

Linsey Wants to Run For The Animals...


So Linsey knows that I've been doing this blog thing and that I want to run a marathon next year. She's ALWAYS trying to set up stores in her room and donate money to charity etc, etc. So she and I came to a decision tonight...WE are going to train together to run a 10K April 24, 2010. We are going to use the race to raise money for the ASPCA.
We chose the ASPCA because she and I are both vegetarians and we LOVE animals. Linsey and I talk all the time about the unbearable conditions that many animals live in and what we can do to stop it. One of the things that we choose to do is become vegetarian. Of course I made that choice when Linsey was VERY little and brought her along in my efforts, but that ensures that WE are not contributing to the factory farms and the awful living conditions for those animals. We began wondering what we could do for dogs, cats and other companion animals? Linsey and I decided this was an amazing way to help, spend quality time together (just me and her) and stay active as well. It's a win-win situation and a real learning experience for Linsey.
I set up a donation page on the ASPCA's website so that anyone who would like to support us in our endeavor can visit our page and easily make a donation. Our goal is $1000.00. Please help us stop animal cruelty by making a donation today.

Thank You,
Maria & Linsey


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