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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Sparks Family Dinner...

WOW! Dinner was really super yummy! Everyone liked it (NEVER happens in this house) and everyone ate it (REALLY never happens) so I was pleased. Like I said earlier, lunch at work today sparked my thoughts for dinner tonight.

I made mashed potatoes.

I think that using half butter and half french onion dip (light or fat free of course) is so much tastier than just using butter. Fat Free organic milk, kosher salt and fresh ground pepper is ALL you need. EASY!!

Of course, a sous chef is very helpful too!
Regan was having a great time dancing around the kitchen while I made dinner.

(how cute is she in her pj's?)
Back to dinner...
Morningstar Farms Veggie Riblets are a crowd pleaser for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Surprisingly Regan and Linsey love them too so when I find something that pleases my ENTIRE family I go with it. As a side I cooked some Trader Joe's organic sweet corn and added a couple single serving bags of frozen edamame.

Believe it or not, my girls will eat edamame if it comes in these little bags with Dora and Boots on them! Go figure?

Jason picked Linsey up from dance class just in time for us all to sit at the dinner table together (also doesn't happen during the week due to work and school schedules) so tonight was a success all around.

What a happy family. YAY ME!!

And as I finish this blog the beauty of my life is that I get to stare at this face from across the table...

Life is good...


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