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Saturday, October 31, 2009


WOW! Today is doing double duty as an amazing day.

1) It's Halloween...probably the BEST holiday on the planet! I love EVERYTHING about Halloween. I love the costumes! I love the scary movies! I love the trick or treating! I love it all! This year I will be handing out candy at home with Regan (the world's cutest 2 year old) while Jason (Michael Meyers) and Linsey (the tye-dyed witch) go trick or treating. It should be a great evening for everyone and when they get home we will watch Coraline. CAN'T WAIT!

2) It's also World Vegan Day. So be nice to the animals and go one entire day without consuming ANY animal/animal by products. YOU CAN DO IT! Sadly, I forgot when I first got up this morning and used my coffeemate creamer in my coffee instead of Silk Light Vanilla Soymilk like I planned. DAMN! Oh well...nothing before coffee counts right?!

I was awakened this morning by Regan yelling from her bedroom, "Mommy I need a diaper change. I poopy!" :D Talk about a way to wake up. Once I got that situation taken care of I headed off to the kitchen to get the morning going. Jason made coffee and I got the oats cooking on the stove. It's pretty chilly outside this morning so I figured there wasn't much better than fresh oats for breakfast.
While the oats were cooking I got down to business...

(the perfect combo for Halloween & Paranormal Activity)

FINALLY the oats were done! Jason, the girls and I SAT down to CHOW down. I hadn't had fresh from the stovetop oats for quite awhile and they were sooo good.


I  had my usual combination for the most part. 1 cereal spoon full of almond butter, 2 cereal spoons full of pumpkin butter, dried cherries sprinkled in and about 2 tablespoons of Silk Light Vanilla Soymilk for a little added creaminess. Regan and Jason loved them too. Linsey (who doesn't like anything) wasn't as thrilled. I attempted to make her PB&J oats with grape jelly, peanut butter (made myself at Whole Foods) and a tablespoon of Silk Light Vanilla Soymilk. She took two teeny, tiny bites and said was done. I guess she will be starving come lunch time.

Jason has since left us to have coffee with a friend and will be hurrying home soon after because there are two little girls here DYING to carve their pumpkin and a wife who's DYING to go for a run while it's NOT raining. I hope that everyone has a GREAT day and will be posting pics tomorrow.


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