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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Well, Hello Again!

Today has been a pretty decent day. No drama, no problems, no anything really. I got in a really good workout this morning at 6am which was nice. I was able to do 3 miles right at 30 minutes. I don't know if that's considered good or bad, but it's decent for me and my body felt so much better afterwards. After that I stood in the hot shower (for what seemed like forever) just relaxing my muscles and planning my day and then I went to work. It was a pretty easy day, surprisingly enough.

For breakfast I had my oats (no pics) with vanilla soymilk, a HUGE spoonful of pumpkin butter, a little spoonful of almond butter and a banana. It was so yummy. I really think that is my new favorite breakfast meal. It is so scrumptious and delictable, and the best part (after being yummy) is that it stays with me until lunch unlike most other meals I've eaten for breakfast.

Lunch today was my leftover pasta!

I was shocked once I put it onto a plate to reheat it thou...

My little gladware container holds WAY more food than I thought it did! (I will NEVER be able to eat all of that!) And YES, that IS a diet dr pepper in the back ground. A girl needs a little pick me up in the afternoon sometimes...what can I say?

WOW! After that I thought I was going to explode...

But I didn't! I finished the rest of my day (and had a little chocolate carmel brownie in the classroom that was COMPLETELY unexpected, but quite tasty) and then I picked up Regan.

I discovered something about my daughter today that I find totally interesting...she is TERRIFIED of flying bugs! A fly landed on the table next to her while she was eating her snack and she FREAKED out. She started crying and trying to move her chair away from the table. I couldn't help but laugh! It was too funny and I had NEVER seen her do that before. Her teachers told me that she reacts that way to ALL flying bugs. She screams, cries and tries to hit away the 'bees' all the while begging her teachers to help her. Too funny!

Jason got done at work early enough to pick Linsey up from school so we all met at home at about the same time and got to visit for a while before he had to go to class.

Linsey and Regan are sitting on the couch together watching cartoons and eating Puffins for snack.

I need to get dinner started (tonight is going to be sandwich night!) and then we have to hurry back to Linsey's school to finish up a fundraiser I helped with. Then we have to hurry back home for baths and bedtime.
WOW...I'm a little tired just thinking about it!

Until we meet again...


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