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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Spaghetti, Salad & Crusty Bread...YUM!

I have had one busy day! Since breakfast I didn't sit down until I ate dinner. The girls and I took a trip to Whole Foods and made out like BANDITS...

lots of good stuff there!

Once we got home from the shopping trip I put Regan down for a nap, made Linsey some lunch and got to work cooking for tomorrow's festivities! We're having people over for Regan's birthday tomorrow and I made a HUGE pot of chili. I love chili and so does Regan (I told you she's a cool kid!). I'll be making corn bread muffins tomorrow, but want to make sure they're super fresh for our guests.
The chili took most of the afternoon to make because I wanted it to be PERFECT...

to start I carmelized one whole onion and about six cloves of garlic (yum) and then I added red, yellow, orange and green bell peppers with chili powder, cumin and a little bit of cinnamon.
Then I added the crushed tomatoes, kidney, black and garbanzo beans along with  two bags of Morningstar Farms Veggie Crumbles.
(maybe the guests won't know it's vegetarian!)
While the chili was cooking I made sandwiches for Jason and I. Mine was smoked 'chicken' with bibb lettuce, honey dijon mustard, a tiny bit of mayo and muenster cheese (so good) on this new bread I found at Whole Foods. It's a 7 grain with flax seed...YUMMY!

Then I headed back into the kitchen and made my oats for the week. I normally make it on Sunday, but tomorrow is going to be super busy and I wanted to make sure it got done. I made a good sized pot so that I can dish some out every morning.

The chili was finally done and it looked so good.

It was hard to wrap it up and NOT eat it right then, but I managed to restrain myself.

Jeff brought Olivia and Mia over for dinner (Jen was working) and I started cooking AGAIN. I made some tasty spaghetti, a caesar salad and a nice asiago & rosemary crusty bread that I got from the Whole Food's bakery.

The girls played while we talked and I cooked dinner. Then we sat down to eat and talked some more. It's fun having friends over to enjoy yummy food with!
After dinner we had some FANTASTIC dessert (also from Whole Foods) mine was from The Chicago Diner. It was a vegan turtle cheesecake...SO GOOD!!!


Now everyone has gone home and the kitchen needs to be cleaned and the girls need to go to bed and Jason and I need to spend some quiet time together...we get so little these days.
Saturday has been great and tomorrow will be WONDERFUL. I've got lots to do and need to be able to get a run in before the day REALLY gets started.
Good night...


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