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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Another Day...

I got up this morning with the intentions of running (like I always do) but Regan had other plans. She started coughing and coughing and so I stayed behind because that's what mothers do (or so I'm told). So instead of a morning run I had a morning coffee...

(this basically COMPLETELY sums up my life)

Then (after realizing that Regan wasn't waking up) I got my breakfast together. I went with something different today.

A yogurt bowl sounded so much better to me for some reason this morning.
So after getting myself totally ready for the day I made a travel mug of coffee and hit the road.
(leaving Jason to deal with the 2 girls all on his own)

I ended up not feeling too bad about the run once I got to work and remembered that it was inventory day and putting away about 500lbs of frozen food is a decent work out all by itself!
I opted to eat my yogurt bowl BEFORE getting to that task.

Doesn't it look yummy!?
I used one serving of Stoneyfield Farms non fat plain greek style yogurt, somewhere between 1/2 and 1 cup of cinnamon puffins, a swirl of honey and 2 tablespoons of Trader Joe's SuperFruit spread.
(a mixture of Morello Cherry, grape, blueberry and pomegranate)

Work was a fairly easy day (once I got my portion of the delivery put away). Things went smoothly and Regan had another good transition day. She played in her new classroom for the morning and then even ate lunch with her new friends. I really think she will enjoy being a Comet, but it will definitely be bitter sweet saying good bye to the Milkyways.

I had to scarf down my lunch today becuase Linsey had a half day and I had to pick her up and get back to work.

I took the Mildly Spiced Vegetable Burrito from (you guessed it) Trader Joe's and put a little bit of the 3 bean chili that the kids at work had for lunch on top, spinkled about 2 tablespoons of shredded cheddar cheese on top of that and then about a tablespoon of fat free sour cream completeld the meal! It doesn't really look all that appealing looking at the photo now, but let me tell you...

I did get a little bit of a cardio work out this afternoon because I decided to walk to pick up Linsey instead of driving the 1.5 miles to her school. So all in all I got in 3 miles of good walking. I was running late getting back to work so I walked Linsey's butt off on the way home!
She didn't complain once, but I could tell she wasn't too happy!

Now that we're home and have had snacks...
(I had a Cherry Pie LARABAR that missed the camera)
The girls and I have to head to Target (AGAIN) because I forgot to get apples for the party tomorrow and I need a new wallet. I actually do NEED this wallet because mine was falling apart and Linsey put the nail in it's coffin by dumping the remaining 1/4 of coffee from my travel mug into my purse! So off to Target we go and then I get to make 24 'Cheesy Monster Fingers' and 'Monster Apple Bites'...we'll see how this turns out.

Until next time...


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