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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away...

     Well, I woke up to the sound of pouring rain this morning which put a major damper on my morning run. To be completely honest, I heard the rain and set my alarm to go off in another hour! I really wanted to run, but after having a very sick child for almost five days I figured doing it in the cold and rainy weather wasn't the best idea. I know...excuses, excuses. I did manage to talk my loving husband into making a pot of coffee before I went to work and got him to drop Regan off at school for me too. SWEET!

 I had the yummiest bowl of oatmeal for breakfast once I got to work. I must say that if you're looking for a quick and very healthy breakfast on a cold morning the Quaker Weight Control oatmeal packets are great! You get six grams of fiber and it's only 160 calories. You boost your fiber intake even more by adding some blueberries to the bowl after you've cooked it. I have found that about a half cup is the perfect oatmeal to blueberry ratio...for me anyway!
     It was a rough day back at work after being out with Linsey since Friday. I really was in a funk once you added in the cold and rainy weather, but it'll be ok. One more day and then the weekend is here. Hopefully the weather is better by then. I am ITCHING to run!
     Lunch wasn't the best option, but it was far better than what was being served at school. I ate two pieces of a leftover Pacific Veggie pizza on thin crust from Domino's. Surprisingly it was only 352 calories, but more fat than I would have liked. So far today has been an on track kind of day though. Crazy enough...knowing that I'm going to be telling all of you what I ate and how I exercised  everyday is keeping me on a MUCH better track!
     I'll be doing my in home circuit training tonight. I read in Shape magazine a couple months ago about a really great strength training option to do at home that requires NO equipment. Each move uses your own body weight and can be done ANYWHERE! It's totally great and I can really feel it the next day. The best part is my daughter's have fun trying to do the moves with me so I feel like I'm introducing them to exercise withouot it being forced on them. They see me doing it and just decide, "Hey, let's be like Mommy." Or in Regan's case, let's try to sit on Mommy's back while she's attempting to hold the plank for 20 seconds!
     Here is what it is...10 squats, 10 couch dips, 10 crunches, 10 push ups and the plank for 10 seconds and I repeat the whole thing five times. I do this on monday's and friday's and on wednesday's I do the same thing, but do 20 of each move. This week my schedule got a little messed up with Linsey being sick, but no biggie. That's the beauty of doing it at home. I can switch the days to fit my schedule if I need to and it's not a huge ordeal.
     Normally the girls and I go for a walk in the evenings after dinner, but since it's been raining ALL day and doesn't look like it's going to stop anytime soon that won't be happening tonight. I guess tonight will be a make dinner (left over SUPER YUMMY chili) and play games with Linsey and Regan. All in all doesn't sound like a bad way to spend a Thursday evening. Hope all of you enjoy your evenings too. Just remember that being healthy doesn't have to be boring OR difficult. It's about making smart choices and knowing that they will benefit you from now on. If you make it too hard or too strict you won't keep it up. Live your life, but LOVE it too...


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