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Friday, October 30, 2009

The End Has Come...

The day started off with pouring usual. So, sadly, I didn't get to run, but once I got to work it didn't much matter. It was such a crazy day today! We had a Halloween Parade for the kids. It had to take place inside the building due to the weather so that made it even crazier! The kids all looked so cute in their costumes.
Breakfast was a nice, warm bowl of Sunday oats (shocker I know).

Linsey was out of school today due to teacher in session meetings so she was my side kick. I had her pouring milk, scooping grape jelly and pretty much helping with everything I could think of to keep her busy. She did really well and the day went smoothly.  I realized this afternoon just how much she likes honeydew melon!

It was burrito day today so that's what I had for lunch. The burrito's are kid sized (made on soft taco flours) so I had two and they were yummy.

They don't really look all that pretty, but they sure tasted good. They were filled with refried beans, spanish rice, corn, taco sauce and a little bit of shredded cheddar cheese. To balance the spicy I had a Halloween treat after...

My snack is one of my new favorite things...

Mixing those two in a water bottle is so rich, creamy AND a little pick me up in the late afternoon!

Today is a bitter sweet day. You know that Regan has been transitioning all week into her new classroom. Well, today was her very last day in the Milkyways and it was definitely sad to sign her out for the last time, talk to her teachers about her day for the last time and have to see her stuff all packed up and ready to be moved on to the new room. I took some pictures and hope I don't bore you, but they are just too cute to pass up. Something must have been wrong with the flash because there is some weird haze in each and every one of the photos (which makes me mad!) but they are great anyway...

Good Bye Milkyways...We love you and will miss you greatly.
Hello Comets...We look forward to a great year!


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