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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lazy Day??

Hi Again!
Today has been an odd Saturday. It is super cold outside and I'm still not feeling 100%, but have been really busy all the same. Linsey and Olivia have stayed hold up in Linsey's room since we got back from breakfast so we have hardly seen them (except when they wanted food!) Jason and I did housework and he did geeky tech stuff to the old laptop (which is still not working) and Regan played all around the house until nap time. I tried to get her to eat some lunch first, but she insisted she wasn't hungry so she hasn't eaten since breakfast. I wish I could say the same.
By about 2:00 I realized I was STARVING and we really don't have much to fix for lunches except sandwiches and it's too cold for that in my opinion. So Jason decided that having chinese food delivered was the best idea. Anything to stay indoors I guess. :) I had some vegetable fried rice with three pieces of fried tofu and a really yummy dipping sauce.

I couldn't eat the vegetable roll (too peppery) so I gave it to Jason, but managed to wolf down everything else on my plate. I was so full, but in no time was sort of hungry again. Damn chinese food!! So I had this little treat to satisfy my sweet tooth...

So now I'm going to try and get some more housework done before Regan wakes up from her nap. Still have a kitchen to clean and laundry to sort.

But first a question for my readers: Does anyone have any good workout videos to recommend? I need something that is between 30 minutes to an hour that will give me a good burn at 6:00 in the morning. :D


Sara A Broers said...

Oh your meal looked yummy! I do not have a good workout video that I recommend, sorry! Enjoying your blog, as usual!

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