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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Oh Sunday...Again.

Hey Guys...
Today has really brought me out of the "holiday spirit" and back into the real world that I live in. I'll just give you all the dirty details in the order of which they happened...
Whee I left you was getting to house work and lunch. Lunch was leftover chinese food (as earlier predicted). we're leaving next Sunday to go to Chicago for a few days so I'm trying to make sure ALL the food is eaten before we go. I hate to see food go to waste and don't mind eating the same thing multiple times in a row. So I did just that. I finished off my Christmas chinese of vegetable fried rice and spring roll with a little spicy mustard and sweet thai chili sauce. It was still just as tasty!

Afterwards I required a little something sweet. A reeses peanut butter Christmas tree and york peppermint snowflake hit the spot. Thanks a bunch Santa...

All morning I was smelling something funny in the living room and couldn't pin point where it was coming from until after lunch when we all sat down to rest a minute before finishing up the house work. That's when we realized what the cat had done...You all remember Maggie right? The sweet, adorable cat that Jason rescued from the freezing cold winter temperatures and gave a loving home...well - Maggie hated our dogs. She wouldn't leave whatever room she was in no matter what because of them. Even if we them shut in the kitchen with the baby gate she wouldn't go near the kitchen doorway. Sadly, to get to her litter box she had to do just that. Well, she refused and decided peeing ALL OVER my couch was a much better option!!! we spent the afternoon spraying our couch with Febreze pet odor remover and when we realized that wasn't going to work we took desperate measures. Jason looked up online what to do to fix it and then left the house to go to the grocery store, but on his way he (lovingly) dropped Maggie off at the Humane Society. She can't possibly live in a house with two dogs if she won't even go past them to go to the bathroom in her litter box. DON'T JUDGE! The ladies at our local Humane Society told Jason that as cute and loving as she is she will find a good home in no time. :) Linsey was a little upset at first, but realized that she wasn't happy living with the dogs and this way she can find a dog free home to live happily ever after in. And now we're working to rid our home of the smell of cat piss...

I do feel quite guilty, but am sure she will find a much better home and be super happy somewhere else. At least we saved her from the cold and the snow...right?
Moving on...all the craziness of the afternoon caused us not to get the laundry done, but while Jason was gone I kept Linsey occupied by playing Bananagram's with her. It's actually a pretty fun game, but she beat me every round!!

Once Jason made it home from his day of unexpected errand running we had dinner. Leftovers again, but different ones this time. We had leftover Shepard's Pie and made a new spinach, walnut and feta salad with dried blueberrues and balsamic. It was yummy an VERY filling. I spiced it up quite a bit with some of Jason's habanero sauce. That stuff is H-O-T!!!

Now we're doing a little last minute house work and getting things ready to go back to work (boo hoo) tomorrow. I hope that everyone had a fantastic holiday weekend and isn't too bummed that it's quickly coming to an end.
Until tomorrow...


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