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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Go, Go, Go...Crash!

Hey Everyone! :) I'm going to do a super quick food recap, tell you the excitement that happened tonight and then say good night! I am sooooo tired and losing speed as I type.

I slept in this morning just a little. It was so cold and my bed was so warm and I just couldn't drag myself out at 5:45 this morning. Sadly, no workout took place though.

Sunday oats (nothing new) but they still taste so yummy to me. I swear I could eat them every morning (and I think I almost do!). It was the normal combo again today. 1 cup of Sunday oats, 1.4 cup vanilla soymilk, 2 scoops of sunflower butter, a big scoop of pumpkin butter, a sprinkling of craisins and one smallish sized banana. My travel mug was filled with hazelnut coffee as usual. I really needed it today. It was 12 degrees when I left my house at 7:25. 12 DEGREES!!!

Work went well. Not too mcuh happened that's worth writing about.

Lunch was a really great homemade sandwich. I used one of my favorite things...Arnold Sandwich Thins!!These things are so good that I have to buy two bags for my house now because Jason steals them to use as hamburger buns! I have my bag hidden though. :) I bought the multi grain ones by accident, but they are just as good as the whole wheat ones. I put mayo, honey mustard, Yves smoked 'chicken', muenster cheese, red leaf lettuce and sliced BLACK OLIVES!!! I abnsolutely love black olives. When I was little I would put them on my fingers, all ten of them, and eat them one by one and then ask my mom to refill my fingers! :D I also had a little bowl of red grapes too.

After work, I grabbed Regan and we picked Linsey and Nicole up from school and drove them to dance. Regan and I shared a KIND bar while they were in ballet. It was probably my favorite one so far and Regan loved it too!

Linsey and Nicole were both in the Winter Musical at school so we had to leave ballet early, drop Nicole off at home, go home have a speedy dinner (mac n cheese for the girls, yogurt bowl for me) then get changed and be back at Linsey's school by 6:10. Whew... My yogurt bowl was Oikos yogurt, Fiber One Carmel Delight, spoon full of apple butter, candied walnuts from Trader Joe's, a sprinkling of dark & white chocolate chips and a little bit of honey. It was like dinner and dessert in one!

Then the event of the CENTURY commenced! Linsey had a solo in the Winter Musical among singing with the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. The show was so great. It was called The Wonders of the Earth (right up MY alley :) ) and the kids ALL did FANTASTIC!!! Of course, I'm biased because I think that Linsey did the best, but that's just me! As soon as I figure out how to get the videos from my blackberry to my computer to my blog I'll post those too, but until then here's some photos. Regan and Nicole's little brother, AJ, were having a ball dancing and watching their sister's sing and dance. Aren't they just soooo cute!

My baby did such a great job! I am so proud of her. I don't think I would have had the guts at 8 years old (or 30) to get up in front of that many people and sing all by myself.


Anonymous said...

that is so sweet! your little girl is beautiful! LOVE that ceral a dessert :)

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