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Friday, December 18, 2009

Don't Call me MOMMY!!!

WOW! My night went to hell in a hand basket faster than I could blink.
Jason said that he and Linsey were going to go out and finish the shopping they had tried to do last weekend. At first I thought he might take Regan too, but was quickly informed it would be much easier to shop without her. I'm sure it would. I've shopped many times with both girls and know how difficult it can be, but I figured - no problem. Regan and I will hang out at home and play with her toys and just chill while they gor some Daddy/Daughter time.
Boy was I W-R-O-N-G!!! Regan was PISSED! She let Jason know before he even walked out the door that she wanted to go too and she would not be satisfied until that was the case. Well, that wasn't the case and I paid for it the rest of the night. She cried and screamed and threw things and hit me and I finally put her in her bed (about ten minutes after they left :D) to work it out on her own. About five minutes later I hear a little voice from down the hall say, "My body's calm Mommy." Sure. She suckered me. I fell for it and went in there. I picked her up only to have her start crying as soon as we made it back to the living room and she realized they were still gone and she was still not.
We managed to have dinner. Nothing fancy at that point. Just a baked potato topped with some shredded cheese, light sour cream, roasted garlic hummus and sea salt which she and I shared.

As you can see, she calmed down long enough to eat a little dinner, but quickly went right back to the event of the evening when she realized Daddy and Sissy were still gone and she was stuck at home with me! All I've heard all night is, "I wanna go shopping!" "Daddy Sissy come back." My head is about to explode!
We shared a pear with peanut butter and honey which she asked for and then only took about two bites because she couldn't stop crying long enough to eat any of it. She finally cried herself to sleep on the couch...

After this I let her be on the couch for a little while and enjoyed a nice bowl of Jason's (he whom I loathe love right now) butter pecan ice cream and added a little extra yumminess by way of two Pepperidge Farms Ginger Man cookies. It's kind of an addiction and luckily there's only a few cookies left in the bag.
I finally carried the BabyBeast to her room and she's sleeping (like a princess) in her bed with her BoBo (teddy bear) and BB (blanket). Hopefully she sleeps in tomorrow because I plan to. At least until 8ish because we've been invited to have bagels and coffee with our friends The Pomranka's at Bread Co on the Loop. We've missed a few Saturday's and I really wish it was going to be warm enough to walk.
That's all my brain can pump out for tonight...


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