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Monday, December 21, 2009

4 days and counting!!

Afternoon everyone!
How is your Monday so far? Mine went super smooth. I got up at 5:45 and did 30 minutes of heart pumping Pilates and realized that I am not flexible at all. I love my DVD, but have realized that I will quickly tire of doing the same one over and over so I need to buy some new ones. Any suggestions??
Made it to work on time, sent out ALL my bills and made my breakfast. I couldn't wait to have oats with the pear butter I made yesterday. I have to say that I was a little disappointed. The pear butter tastes great, but gets over powered by the sunflower butter pretty easily. I also added half of a small banana, and the last two Pepperidge Farms Ginger Man cookies. THANK GOODNESS THEY'RE GONE!!! I could literally hear them calling my name from the kitchen a few times. Really - I could!

Jason made it in with girls about 9:00 (after sneaking off to Bread Co for breakfast WITHOUT me) and surprised me with a coffee. He probably felt guilty! :D
Since Linsey's on 'Winter Break' she's with me at work for the next two weeks. I thought for a minute or two that I was going to have to give her a beating for arguing with me, but she quickly realized that I am the boss and arguing with the boss while she's at work is a super quick way to get herself in serious trouble. So after a quick pep talk from Daddy on the phone - her attitude did a total 180!! Then we had lunch...

Linsey was spoiled and got to have her favorite meal on the planet...Mac N Cheese! She ate the broccoli with little fight (good thing too) and then worked on some of the homework she has to do for the week that she'll be out of school for our family vacay!! Then she read her Harry Potter book for almost two hours. She's trying to earn a free ticket to Six Flags by entering a reading contest and reading for six hours. She'll have it by the new year.
I had a super yummy and some what spicy sandwich for lunch. It was mayo, honey mustard, bibb lettuce, red onion, roma tomatoes, swiss cheese and Yves deli 'ham' on a whole wheat Arnold sandwich thin. The best part were the Eckert's zesty bread and butter pickles...YUM!


The rest of the day was a snap and then it was over. The girls and I made it home in time to have a snack before dinner. Linsey and Regan had a fiber one bar and nutri-grain bar (respectively) and I had half of one of the best CLIF bars I've ever had...

It was so hard to only eat half of this bar, but I told myself I would be able to indulge in the other half tomorrow and that made it easier! :)
I'm going to spend a little time with the girls before Jason gets home and then we'll have dinner. We're taking the girls to see Santa tonight and they are soooo stoked!! am I! I cannot believe that Christmas is in 4 days...:) :) :)


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