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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Back in a Jiffy!!!

HEY ALL!! :)

I hope that everyone's Saturday is going well. I have been SUPER busy. Linsey spent the night at her friend Nicole's last night after the Girl Scout caroling. I tried to take some photos, but had serious camera trouble. The dinner photos didn't turn out well either. :( I need a new camera (hint, hint, hint!)

Jason, Regan and I ate at our favorite mexican place right around the corner from our house. It's called Mi Ranchito and everyone in the area SWEARS by it. Super YUM & Super CHEAP!!

This morning I got right up and started cleaning the house because Jason and my dad had a date to take the rest of our things out of storage and bring them to our apartment. We moved in the beginning of the year and were not sure what we would have room for. So now that it's time for a Christmas tree it was also a great time to get rid of the unneeded expense of a storage unit!! :)
I made us oats for breakfast because I can't get enough and surprisingly - neither can Regan!
I ate mine totally different this morning - at least WHAT I ate them in was different.

It's the perfect 'bottom of the jar' recipe. Racheal Ray would be SO proud!! :D
After breakfast - cleaning resumed. I have been straightening, vacuuming, doing dishes, sweeping, scrubbing AND put up our tree. It isn't decorated yet, but that will happen later. I just fed the girls some lunch...

As you can see - Regan really gets into her food. :D She's just like her mother.

Linsey chose to eat her pizza a little neater, but she HATES having her picture taken - she's just like her mother too! YAY! Both my girls are just like me...

Now it's time to get Ray down for a nap, finish cleaning, take a shower and then figure out something to make for dinner when we have NO food in the house. I haven't been to the grocery store since BEFORE Thanksgiving. We're taking care of that and Christmas shopping tonight thanks to my mom who doesn't mind giving up a Saturday night to baby sit!!

Anyway - I'll be back later with more regular posts...I missed the Friday night Fight songs last night so I'll work on that today too! Bye for now...


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