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Monday, December 7, 2009

Cookie Monday

Hey Guys...
How's your Monday going? Mine has been incredibly busy actually. My headache finally went awayin the late morning and I got to work. I started with a trip to the grocery store where I about had a heart attack when I saw the total. Who spends over $200 on groceries??? Me apparently, but give me a break - I hadn't been to the store since BEFORE Thanksgiving. If we had gotten a major snow or freak alien invasion we wouldn't have had ANYTHING to eat! :)
I brought the groceries home, put them away and had a quick lunch - leftover chili pie stuff.

Isn't Linsey's little Christmas tree so cute? She made it a couple years ago in girl scouts and it comes out and has a spot on our table every year...(sigh) memories.

After that I hustled my little bootie up to the laundry mat and did 7 loads of laundry. SEVEN!!! Whle it was drying I walked down to pick Linsey up from school and then Jason met us back at the laundry mat to help bring home all the clothes. Then he picked Regan up from school, ate some dinner and then he headed to school. Finals are next week so he's working his tooshie off this week.
The girls and I had a little snack once we got home. I sliced up some pears for everyone. They were quite scrumptious...

Isn't my plate soooo cute??? Obviously I smeared a little local peanut butter on my pear half and then drizzled a bit of local honey over that. I'm all about the L-O-C-A-L stuff baby! :)
Then we had dinner. I kept it light because we had cookie plans for the night. I made a caeser salad and topped it with a few Morningstar Farms Buffalo Wings.

It was good and just enough to satisfy me, but not fill me up. I had to save room for what was coming next...COOKIES!!! YAY! :D

I think that Linsey and Regan had a great time making these cookies, but I KNOW they had a great time eating them once they had cooled. As you can see, Oliver is in the back ground trying to figure out a way to steal that cookie from Regan...Watch out Oliver - she does NOT like to share!
You all know that Linsey, Regan and I are vegetarian, but we also make a lot of vegan items as well. I found this recipe for Vegan Sugar Cookies on one of my favorite blogs...Carrots N Cake. Tina is not a vegetarian, but also seems to try the occasional vegan recipe. When she does - bet I'll be trying it right along with her!
Tina, they were fantastic!
I took the recipe exactly how Tina has it, didn't change a thing, but I did make a recipe and a half. I didn't want to waste the remainder of the tofu.

I know I missed the Sunday Segment last night, but I managed to finish my freelance article tonight which was about a similar topic. I'm going to put a little more work into my Sunday Segment from yesterday and post it as another article for examiner. Check out my latest piece at called We are making our kids fat.

Good night everybody. I'm going to run in the morning so I need to get some serious sleep!


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