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Nobody objects to a woman being a good writer or sculptor or geneticist if at the same time she manages to be a good wife, good mother, good looking, good tempered, well groomed and unaggressive. ~ Leslie McIntyre

Monday, December 21, 2009


So Jason, the girls and I had some really yummy chili and corn bread muffins for dinner. I have to say that it was quite a tasty meal. I love chili in the winter time. :)

After crunmbling one muffin into my bowl I decided halfway through dinner that I needed one more...they were just so good.
Then we got the girls ready and ventured out to see Santa. It's a yearly tradition that has gone well every year so far (except when Linsey was 2 years old) and we figured tonight would be good too. Uh...NO! It started out sweet and funny and loving and full of Holiday Cheer...

Jason (aka @chefsparks79 for my readers who tweet!) has decided this is the perfect time to take up tweeting again. He was just in shock at how many people brought their dogs to have pictures taken with Santa! :D

And then it was our turn to see Santa and have the yearly traditional photo taken. I snapped a quick shot with my blackberry too...

Yep...Regan backed out at the last minute. Then when we paid and walked awy she realized she'd missed her chance and all hell broke loose.

That's our girl!!
We managed to get her calmed down by the time we got to the car. We made a quick trip to Target and I found something that looked so tasty. I was very excited about adding this to my oats in the morning so I bought it...

Looks really good huh!? Yep...I thought so too. So once we got home and got the girls into bed I started getting my things ready for tomorrow. I got my clothes out, wrapped my gift for my Secret Santa person in the classroom I work in and then started on my oats (a very important part of my day) and when I opened the jar THIS is what I found!!!

Can you believe that someone would do that!?!?!? I was so pissed and then bummed because I was so looking forward to having this in my breakfast tomorrow morning, but my HERO of a husband is going to take it back to Target in the morning and get it exchanged for me. He does drive right by it  on his way to work after all...Thanks Honey! You rock my socks and hopefully after all this the new peanut butter does too. :)
Goodnight everyone...


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The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep. ~ Robert Frost