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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Another Day Another Sandwich

Hey Peeps!
How's your day going? Mine hasn't been too bad. I crashed on you lastnight during our GLEE marathon and pizza picnic. Here's what you missed ~
Linsey, Regan and I had a picnic on the living room floor while we watched the last 3 episodes of GLEE! We were a little behind and HAD to get caught up. Last night was the perfect night to do that because the weather was yucky, I was tired and the girls begged for pizza. Here's how it all went down...Do you watch GLEE? OMG!!!!

Looking at these pictures reminds me that we still have to go and buy Regan a new stocking. Somehow her's got lost when we moved. :(
As you can see - I had the Pacific Veggie pizza on thin crust. For delivery pizza it cannot be beat, but I forgot the most important part - ADDING PINEAPPLES!!

Regan and I both had a rough night when it came to sleeping. My nose is now officially stuffed up and I could not breathe last night to save my life. Apparently Regan wasn't feeling well either because she woke up about 3 times throughout the night crying for various reasons. She ended up staying home with Jason today who was studying for finals and I (sadly) still had to go to work. I woke up with the worst headache and skipped the morning workout. The cold weather moved back in overnight so running outside wasn't happening anyway. Jason and I are getting a gym membership after the first of the year and I can't wait!
I ran late again this morning, but once I made it to work I was super hungry. Sunday oats were calling my name. This morning's mixture was 1/2 fresh pear, 1 c Sunday oats, 1/2 c vanilla soymilk, 2 scoops of apple butter, a big scoop of sunflower butter and a few craisins.


Day 2 of the Secret Santa went EXCELLENTLY!! I am in LOVE with whoever my Secret Santa is! Look at what he/she got for me today... :)

Two larabars AND free tickets to the Botanical Garden!! YAY! :)
That will be a really fun Saturday trip for Jason and I to take the girls on. Hopefully we'll have time to go this weekend.
Not much could top the excitement of my Secret Santa gift and it kept humming and singing (to myself of course) all the way up to lunch. I ended up eating my lunch standing up because I knew I would get too tired too fast if I sat down. So I ate AND worked all at the same time. I'm a sucker for a good sandwich (obviously) and today's would have tasted AMAZING if my tastebuds weren't being stolen away by this stupid head cold I'm trying really hard not to fall victim to! It was roasted garlic hummus, muenster cheese, sliced red onion, bibb lettuce, jalapeno-black olives, sliced roma tomatoes and avacado slices. YUM! I felt the need for a vitamin C jump start so I had two cuties to go with it.

I ended my day early because I was lucky enough to do that today and hurried home so that Jason could go to work for the evening. Regan woke up literally 5 minutes after I walked in the door. DAMN! I was really hoping to take a little nap, but oh well. She and I had a snack in my bed while watching 'Olivia' on Noggin. She had a cheese tick and a graham cracker and I had 2 (unphotographed) workout cookies. Maybe that will guilt me in to doing an actual workout tonight!? We'll have to go pick LInsey up from dance at 6:00 so Ray and I are going to veg until it's time to go. It's so cold outside and the lucky duck is still in her PJ's anyway.


Anonymous said...

Pacific Veggie + Pineapple - Feta is my favorite pizza EVER! SO GOOD!

That sandwich also looks awesome, though I've never heard of jalapeno olives. My have to look for those.

Just in case I've never introduced myself, I'm Jen (Groovyflor from Twitter). I love your blog and am looking forward to the new site! I'm hoping to get my own URL soon too.

Yum Yucky said...

Pizza Picnic! Pizza Picnic! I'll reach my hand in and take a slice off the plate. uh huh.

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