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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Crazy Day!!

The morning started out cold and windy at 5:45 and just kept going. I did a really good strenth training workout in my living room using nothing more than a chair and my own body weight (all 118lbs of it!). I did...
3 sets of chair dips (10 reps each)
3 sets of push ups (10 reps each)
4 sets of squats (10 reps each)
4 sets of crunches (10 reps each)
4 sets of calf raises (10 reps each)
4 sets of the plank (20 seconds each)
I did 20 jumping jacks in between each set too just to keep the blood pumping!
I did some yoga stretches afterwards for about 10 minutes too.

Once I got to work I fixed my breakfast and realized I had forgotten my blackberry (which is the camera I use) and had no way to photograph it! :( It was Oikos yogurt with dried cherries, blueberries, craisins, shredded coconut, Fiber One Carmel Delight, maple syrup and granola. That sounds like a lot, but it was a tiny bit of each ingredient mixed with the yogurt so it was a nice, well rounded breakfast.

Then the day kind of went down hill - Wedneday is delivery day (I think I've told you that before) and the truck is usually there about 7:30 when I get to work, but today it was not. And it wasn't there at 8:00 and it wasn't there at 8:30 either AND it had things on it that we needed for breakfast!!!! So we had to improvise, but we pulled together and made it work. Apparently our regular driver got in a small accident yesterday so he was off today and they had to call someone else in who has never driven the route before. Our guy will be back next week I'm sure.

After that, I got my little butt working on 3 huge pans of eggplant parmesean for lunch. Surprisingly it turned out pretty well and everyone seemed to like it alright. It's really difficult to cook for 200 people as opposed to 2 or 3 (like I normally do), but you do what you can to make things good. My biggest goal is to make things kid friendly and doesn't always work though so you try to do better tomorrow.

Finally I had my lunch and it was pretty yummy too.

add in Morningstar Farms buffalo Wings & a little extra shredded cheese and you get this...

It was filling and full of veggies.
YUM-O!! (hey...I love Racheal Ray)

It's still freezing this afternoon so Regan and I booked it over to Linsey's school, went and got gas so my Jeep will continue to run in the arctic temperatures, then rushed home to have a little snack and get ready for Girl Scouts. Remember the vegan sugar cookies I found on Carrots n Cake we made the other night? Yeah - I had 3 of them when we got home!! Thank goodness they're almost gone.

Well - gotta go for now. Have to bake more cookies for the girl scout meeting (don't get excited - it's drop n bake dough from Regan's school fundraiser) then make dinner and get us back out in the frigid cold for an hour and a half of loud and crazy 3rd grade girls.
Wish me luck!! :)


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