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Thursday, December 3, 2009

6 SHOTS!!!

Hey Guys...
How's your Thursday?
I've had a blah kind of day. Things are going on in my little world that I can't discuss in detail because nothing has been officially decided yet, but once it is things around the Sparks' house are going to change considerably. :(
Whatever happens will be for the best, but waiting for the decision is making me nuts - just a little.
Once a decision has been made I'll let you know the WHOLE story, but until then just know that I'll keep on keepin on - like I always do. :) And besides - I'm moving on to bigger and better things in the future. I'm actually in the process of having my very own website built AS WE SPEAK! will be moving in the near future, but don't worry - I'll keep everyone in the know. The new site is going to be bigger, better and filled with AMAZING recipes, funny stories and eventually RealFitMama gear!!! I'm totally stoked and can't wait to start doing some give aways and product testing too. Keep checking back because things are moving forward.
And keep checking in on me at because I am the St Louis Kids' Nutrition & Exercise examiner. New articles are coming out soon regarding what we're actually teaching our kids when we sit down to eat, how we teach kids to feel about themselves by the ways that we act and SO much more.

Anyway - moving on for now... :)

I over slept this morning. I thought I hit the snooze (like I do every morning) but in actuality I turned the whole thing off. I normally am getting into the shower after my morning run right about 6:35ish, but this morning I didn't JUMP out of bed until 6:50!! AHHHHH... so I showered, got dressed, got my food together and ran out the door. I was only about 2 minutes late to work. :D

Breakfast was - WAIT FOR IT...OATMEAL!!! Bet you never would've guessed that. It was the usual mixture, spoon full of sunflower butter (I'll be glad when that's gone so I have an excuse to buy more almond butter) two big spoons full of pumpkin butter, a hand full of dried cherries and one small banana. YUM!!

I ate my lunch in fork full bites! I literally didn't sit down from 7:30 until almost 2:00 this afternoon because I had so much stuff to do today. It worked out though - I didn't run this morning so I walked ALL day. :) I ate left over pad thai for lunch with a side of red seedless grapes. It was just enough to hold me over until snack time.

I left work right at 3:00 today because Regan had her check up at the pediatrician's office at 3:45. We got there a little early so we ate our snack in the car. She had graham crackers and I had a PURE cherry cashew bar. No photo though...sorry.
The doctor informed me that she was a little behind in her vaccinations and would need 6 SHOTS to get caught up!!! HOLY CRAP! I hated every second of it and Regan did too (obviously). She's very cranky tonight and doesn't want to walk at all. I'm sure her legs are VERY sore, but I'm still freaking out a little in my head. You hear all these horror stories of people getting this vaccine or that vaccine and some freak thing happens and they can't walk or they can't talk or they DIE!!!
I have to stop...
We had a very easy and not so healthy dinner tonight. I ate a Trader Joe's black bean and corn enchilada with a dollop of light sour cream on top. It was decent, but I wasn't really into it.

The girls had Annie's Organic mac n cheese with Morningstar Farms veggie nuggets and sliced pears. I ate my pear for dessert with a bit of sunflower butter and honey drizzled over the top. That was KILLER!

I think the best part of the dessert was eating it off this plate!!

Anyway - I'm done for the night I think. Regan is really clingy and cranky and just wants to be held. Linsey is DYING to lay in my bed under the flannel sheets and watch a movie so I think that's what we'll do as soon as I make lunches and she gets out of the bath tub.

Good night readers - say a little prayer for the Monkey Girl...


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