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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Hey Guys! :)
I surveived the girl scout meeting, but by the skin of my teeth. We'll get back to that. First...

After wolfing down two of the vegan sugar cookies I wasn't all that hungry. I made the girls Morningstar Farms veggie hot dogs with peas and apple sauce. Boring, but kid friendly (and easy) dinner in a hurry. I was also baking 30 drop n bake oatmeal raisin cookies for the 'crazy girl' girl scouts. Linsey was not thrilled with having to eat 'THAT MANY PEAS'!

Regan, however, felt much differently about her meal than her sister did. Apparently, when you're 2 years old, pouring your peas into your organic blueberry applesauce and then eating it by the spoon full is an extremely normal and rational thing to do!

I opted for something light and quick for my dinner as well, just not what the girls were having. I LOVE triscuits! I expecially love the different flavor options of triscuits! I SUPER love taking the different flavored triscuits and cutting up swiss cheese and veggie lunch meat and making little finger foods out of the them! That's what I REALLY love!! :) So that's exactly what I did...

I definitely think that eating them on a Dora and Boots kiddie plate made it seem extra fun and really yummy, but that's just me. :)
So we left for the girl scout meeting and picked up my surrogate, adopted, just as mouthy as my birth-daughter. We made it to the meeting a couple minutes late, but we had the snacks so they weren't going anywhere without us! The meeting went fine, for the part I was present for. I had Regan tonight which is NOT the best idea (mental note) and we ended up walking the halls of the school for about half of the meeting. We made it back just in time for cookies though.

Regan actually stole this cookie right out of my hand just after taking the picture so I was forced to pick a different one, but it was ok because the new cookie was smaller - which was better for me. I had already had two cookies earlier - remember?!
We're home now. Jason's home froms chool and we're putting the girls to bed and going to watch a movie. I tried talking him into watching Food Inc, but he wants to watch Funny People. I guess I'll let him win tonight...

Good night!


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