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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Eating with a Spoon...

Hola Readers! :)
How's your Tuesday? Mine's been pretty good. I had a shorter day at work today because Linsey had to go see the orthodontist! I can't believe it. She's only 8 and we're already talking about braces! Anyway, I'll get back to that in a few.

I had a GREAT run this morning. I made my distance longer because somehow I managed to shave off 6 minutes from my usual time. :D I have NO IDEA how I did it, but I did so I added another block to the morning routine. It felt really good - I must admit!

Once I got to work I was starving and in desperate need of coffee. So I chugged on my travel mug of hazelnut coffee (my fav!) and got down on some Sunday oats. (technically these are Monday oats since I made them last night) Oh how I missed them yesterday!

After they were all ready and stirred together I took a bite and realized that something was missing!! I forgot to chop up the apple half I had ~ MUCH better. They also had a scoop of sunflower butter, two scoops of pumpkin butter and a small handful of dried blueberries.

The work day flew by because I knew I had to leave early so I kept busy by getting things ready for tomorrow WHILE doing today's work too. By 12:30 I was starving so I threw together my make shift lunch that I brought from home and ate it one spoon full at a time. That seems to be the theme of the day!

These ingredients made this...

I know that it doesn't look very appetizing once it's been mixed together, but trust me - it tastes PHENOMINAL!
I left work at about 1:30 to pick Linsey up for her orthodontist appointment. I tried to get some pictures of her doing x-rays and taking impressions, but she said she would KILL me if I posted any of them. :D
Long story short - she's getting a palate spreader in January and starting braces sometime after that.
When we left the orthodontist's office we were both hungry. Luckily I had bars in my bag!!
Linsey had the chocolate brownie PURE bar and I had this...

I had never had this one before, but it was really good. I thought I was eating a candy bar!
Now we're home and the girls are crying for dinner ALREADY! I don't have anything picked out so let's see what I can throw together. I'm not used to making dinner this early on a Tuesday, but Linsey skipped dance because of the appointment so we're home already.

Peace Out!!


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