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Monday, November 30, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday...

Hey Guys!
Today has been a fairly straight forward day actually. Nothing exciting happened, but nothing too bad happened either. I did, however, miss my run because last night I must have been so tired that I forgot to set my alarm back to 5:30 from 6:30 in the morning which  is what time Jason and I were getting up to go work out. Sadly, that didn't leave me with enough time to freeze my butt off while running outside this morning. :(

Then, I was out of creamer so I had to go by Bread Co for coffee ( :) ) which was just a huge PLUS bummer! Bread Co has the best hazelnut coffee and a large is only $2.00.

Breakfast this morning was slightly different than normal because I used up all my steel cut oats over the weekend. I had to replace them with the Cream of Wheat that we had for breakfast at work. It wasn't nearly as good as my oats, but it worked. I added a spoon full of sunflower butter, a couple scoops of pumpkin butter and a handful of craisins.

Lunch today was a Probar. I've never had one before because they are pretty high in calories. I usually buy them for Jason and I knew that he loves them. So today I brought one to have as my lunch and I gotta tell you - it was DELICIOUS and FILLING!

The second half of the day went by as smooth as the first half and then it was time to go. Linsey and I ran by the grocery store because we were basically out of EVERYTHING. Then we went backa nd got Regan, came home and I had a brownie that snuck past the camera. By that point I was pretty hungry.
HEY - four hours had passed by that point!
Jason got off work late so he ended up skipping class and actually got to eat dinner with us tonight. I made the Morningstar Farms Grillers Chik n Patties, with french fries and vegetarian baked beans. Not to bad for a 'throw together whatever you can find in the pantry' dinner.
I had BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, red onion, romaine lettuce and a tiny bit of mayo on mine.

The Sparks' around the dinner table on a Monday evening - NEVER happens!

I was very proud of Linsey for eating her baked beans without complaining. She usually complains about everything that we have to eat.

Notice anything different about Regan's face? She decided that paper was a boring option to draw on and her face seemed like way more fun!! :)

Butter Pecan!!! Three bites and I was perfectly satisfied. :)

Now I'm off to help Linsey finish her homework, get the girls in bed and spend a little quiet time with Jason before we both crash and burn. Hope that everyone had an easy time coming back from the holiday...


Sara A Broers said...

Looks like you had a great day! Now, about that ProBar- it looks interesting. Doesn't look appetizing to me, but you say it is good? I might have to try those.....Still pondering!

RealFitMama said...

The ProBar is FANTASTIC I promise!! They have a ton of different flavors. The one I ate yesterday was a very fruity nutty mixture. You should DEF try them.

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