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Thursday, November 26, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! :)

I hope that you're all ready for the day and having a great time with the ones you love.
I am sooooo thankful to be back online!

First - I went to work yesterday without my blackberry keeping me from photographing ALL my food AND keeping in touch with my peeps all day! Then once I got home I had to get our car packed, get us ready to go out of town for close to 5 days and get everything ready for our dog sitter too. We managed to get out of town by 3:30 yesterday afternoon so that was a plus!

We stopped for a quick biet half way through our drive, but the meal was awful and I ended up not eating much of it. So we made it into town about 8:00 and Linsey was so happy that she got to watch GLEE! I was still hungry so I was really happy that I had packed two bags full of my kind of groceries to have while we're here. I made a yummy bedtime snack...

After a two hour nap in the car Regan was in no way ready for bed so she, Jason and I stayed up until almost midnight watching Letterman and playing with my blackberry camera.

We finally got little Monkey to go to sleep and we C-R-A-S-H-E-D!

Sadly, it felt like as soon as we fell asleep my alarm went off at 6:30 this morning reminding us that we planned on running together every morning. So Jason and I quietly got out of bed and snuck outside for a blustery 4.8 mile run. It was GREAT!!! He and I got to chat, run, laugh and enjoy each other's company with no screaming little girls around. :D
Afterwards, I made a huge pot of Steel Cut Oats for the whole family to enjoy. No offense, I love them all, but they need some serious help with their nutrition. I hope they liked the oats. They at them, so I'm guessing they did.
I tried something a little different in mine because the grocery store I went to didn't have almond butter. I'm using Sunflower Butter right now and I have to admit - it's not as good.

I will be back later, but not sure when. We have so much to do today and so many people to see between now and Saturday afternoon. My posts may be sparatic, but they will be here so keep checking back.
Enjoy your holiday and be safe!

Love Ya!! :)


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