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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Hump Day Spent At Home...

I was able to sleep in a little later this morning because Regan's home sick today, but I still managed to get up, run and be home by 7am. Jason was still in the shower when I got back so I decided to make cinnamon rolls for breakfast (Linsey's fav and she's been asking), but I stuck with my fav.

I did alter it slightly since I'm at home. I added about 1/4 c pumpkin, 1/2 c vanilla soymilk, sprinkle of cinnamon and brown sugar and 1/2 of a small banana (Linsey stole the other half!)
It was devine.

After breakfast I got Linsey ready for school. It's picture day at Jackson Park and she was really excited. I'm not a 'get all fancy dressed for pictures' kind of mom because I like the look of natural shots. School pictures almost NEVER look 'natural' but at least her outfit matches her...ya know!

Isn't she beautiful.

After I got Jason and Linsey off it was time to really deal with the monkey girl. She hates taking her 'pops' (inhailer) but it has to be done. We also had to take the temp this morning.

We're making progress, but...

She wasn't too happy with the medicine that came next.

Promising her that she can watch 'toons' in mommy & daddy's bed made all the difference.

Now that's all taken care of and she's settled in with orange juice and cartoons I can get some much needed house cleaning done.
A hump day spent at home...


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