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Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Bed Is Calling...

It's fastly approaching bedtime, but I want to stay up until jason gets home from work. Everyone has a full tummy. The girls have had a bath and are in their jammies. all that's left to do is go to sleep. Regan is hell bent on laying down in 'Mommy Daddy' bed. Being sick for the last two days has started something with her. She wants to watch television in 'Mommy Daddy' bed and eat snack in 'Mommy Daddy' bed  and she thinks we all should be in 'Mommy Daddy' bed with her. It took a lot to convince her that I couldn't cook dinner in 'Mommy Daddy' bed. :)

Speaking of was quite good if I do say so myself.
These ingredients made a super quick and super easy meal.

Linsey wasn't as thrilled (shocking I know!)

Regan, however, felt a little differently about the meal I made for us tonight...

Ok. Ok. I can't lie. She liked dinner, but not THAT much. This moment of excitement was her talking about going back to school tomorrow and getting to see (and I quote) "My Colleen! My Pam & Jen." If you don't know who they are - they are her new teachers and apparently she ADORES them. Don't tell Kayla (her old teacher) I don't want her to get jealous. :) Of course I'm sure she will be thrilled to know that Regan has adjusted (or is adjusting) so well to the new room. She still talks about her 'KK' when we're at home - It's ok Kayla...she still loves you!

Now I have to go lay down in 'Mommy Daddy' bed because I am being paged from there as I type. She wants me to "Lay down in cubbers and watch Wonna Pets" and for those who don't speak 2 year old english that means 'Come lay down under the covers and watch the wonder pets.'

Till next time...


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