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Monday, November 9, 2009

Back to the Grindstone...

WOW! This weekend was beautiful and I was so not ready to go back to work this morning. I really needed that morning run to get me going at 6am. My bed was so comfy and Jason was so snuggly that it took every ounce of discipline to NOT roll over and go back to sleep. But - I didn't do any running over the weekend so I knew I had no excuse and nothing to fall back on. I had a great run in really great weather and felt better for it when it was all said and done. After showering and getting all my things shoved into my bag I got to kiss my girls and kiss Jason and head out the door.

Once I got to work and got settled in I made my bowl of Sunday oats. This morning was my normal mixture. Nothing tweaked or changed today. And I have to say that it tasted good.

For this being a Monday it was pretty decent. Everything ran smoothly. Everyone got along and the day was pleasent. Regan is really starting to like her new classroom. I peaked in on her a couple of times throughout the day (without her seeing me of course) and felt reassured to see her playing with the other kids and having a good time. I've been a little nervous about the move because she was so connected to her Primary Teacher, Kayla. I had doubts or worries that she would have trouble adjusting, but so far she seems to be doing quite well. :)

Lunch came super fast today. I was hungry by the time I sat down to eat, but didn't realize how hungry I was until then. I'm boring today. Lunch was the usual go to sandwich as well. I had tofurky on Rudy's Organic Bakery 7 grain flax bread (yum) with dijon mustard, a little mayo, romaine lettuce, sliced red onion and (my fav!) muenster cheese.

I also had the go to sliced honey crisp apple and a new bottle of water that I bought from Trader Joe's on date night and didn't drink.

And I couldn't resist one of the last of these little devils!!

I started playing around with cooking pumpkins after lunch. Part of my job is working on the seed to table program at our school. Since I am a special needs diet person (I'm a vegetarian) I'm mainly in charge of the special needs diet kids (vegetarian, vegan, allergies, etc), but I also contribute to the menu, ordering and coming up with new menu items also. Now that we are getting more fresh and local produce part of my job is figuring out what to do with it (since I'm supposed to be an expert :) ) so playing around with cooking pumpkins is what I got to do this afternoon. My goal is to make my own pumpkin puree so that we can make Whole Wheat Pumpkin Pancakes for almost 200 kids. I'm really excited! By the time I finished with that my day was over and it was time to go pick up Linsey from school. Then she and I went back to pick up Regan (that way she gets afternoon outside time with her friends) and now we're home.

What to have for snack...I'm getting hungry!?

In the end I went with...

Now I'm going to 'Make It Fun' and spend some time with the girls before I have to start making dinner. AND -  I'm going to leave the dirty dishes until after they go to bed. See...I'm getting better!


Elisabeth said...

They're so lucky to have you in the kitchen! I remember eating those white flour pancakes and even though they were tasty, I couldn't help thinking about how void of nutrition they were. Too much refined sugar! Pumpkin will be so yummy! Can't wait to hear how it turns out.

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

You are pretty lucky to have real food for the school. We live in America's salad bowl, in a very hippy/healthnut area, and my daughter goes to a small charter school with NO KITCHEN! The cafeteria just uses cheapo yucky frozen junk food (pizza, burgers, etc) it's a disgrace.

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