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Nobody objects to a woman being a good writer or sculptor or geneticist if at the same time she manages to be a good wife, good mother, good looking, good tempered, well groomed and unaggressive. ~ Leslie McIntyre

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Date Night Approaches!!!

WOW! This afternoon has flown by. We got the ENTIRE house clean, all the dishes done and had time to watch a movie while Regan took a nap.

I want to go back to the blog from this morning for a moment because I forgot to tell you all about someone that we met while at Bread Co.
Daniel is the General Manager of the St Louis Bread Co.
(known to everyone not living in St Louis as Panera Bread)
And he was phenomenal to us AND our loud daughters. I usually judge a place on their food first and the service second because I know that everyone has off days. Daniel is no exception I'm sure, but today was NOT an off day for him. He took exceptional care of us and cracked jokes with the girls and even took time away from his job to bring us the reciept (that I normally don't worry about) because he saw that we were picked to participate in a survey (which I will do next) AND when the coffee pots up front were out of my favorite coffee - he didn't hesitate to go to the back and get me a fresh cup even though I was more than willing to wait up front with the rest of the patrons.
Daniel is GREAT! If you live in St Louis and near the Delmar Loop be nice to Daniel when you're in Bread Co because Daniel will, no doubt, be nice to you.

Now, back to this afternoon. Lunch was simply the leftovers from my dinner last night. I reheated the second half of my Pico Wrap.

After adding a few avacado slices and a dallop of light sour cream it was an entirely new dish and a fantastic lunch.
I'm pretty sure a windmill cookie and a piece of Bissinger's dark chocolate snuck past the camera shortly after...sorry. :)

Date Night is closing in on us so I need to finish getting ready and get the girls some dinner.
I can hear Ranoush calling my name...


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