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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Priorities of Life...

     It's so odd that I decided to do my Sunday Segment on the priorities of my life today. I found my new layout for the blog. I had it picked out and ready for Jason to change for me. I had my topic picked and was going through it in my head. I had all this planned and ready to get done as soon as Jason got home and then the coughing started.
     I had both girls in bed and just sat down to start writing when I heard it. Coming from Regan's bedroom I knew what it was before I even got in there. She was coughing and struggling to breathe...again. We've had her on an inhailer since the incident two weeks ago and things have been going much better, but something changed tonight. I don't know if it was all the running around she's done all weekend, or the combination of warm jammies and cranked up heater tonight, but either way she got over heated and started coughing and coughing and she couldn't stop. I got in there just as she was gagging and choking.
     She's alright now. Actually, she's laying in my bed right next to me watching a cartoon. I thought it would help her calm down a little before trying to put her back to bed. Needless to say, the layout change will have to wait until another day. It's great though and really went well with tonight's post - How my life's priorities have changed. But typing this post with one of my babies right next to me feels even better (if I'm being completely honest).
     I can remember being a child and not being able to wait for the New Kids On The Block tape to come out or dying to get away from my family to play with my friends or begging my parents to move to a new house so I could have my own room. Everything in the world seemed to be a life or death situation. Things had to happen NOW. I had to get that shirt NOW or I had to have those shoes or my life would be RUINED. Everything was THAT serious.
     As I got older things still seemed to be really impotant, but I began to enjoy the time with my family more and I knew that I wasn't going to die if I didn't get a certain pair of shoes right at that moment, but I still wanted things my way and when I wanted them my mind was made up that I would get them.
     I had my first daughter, Linsey, when I was 21 so I was still pretty young and immature. Things began to revolve around her, but there was still this small part of me that wanted things now (even if I couldn't get them now) it's just that the things I wanted were for her instead of me. At 28 I had my second daughter, Regan, and thngs are even more different. As the years passed I really began to understand patience (if you have a child that's a must or you might kill them) and living in the moment.
     Now the things I'm dying to have are seperate bedrooms for BOTH of my girls (which, thankfully, we have) the toys that they want, the books that they want, the shoes that they want and most of all - more time to do the things they want to do. Everything has shifted from I, I, I to them, them, them. I want nothng more on (most) Friday nights than to rent a kids movie and curl up on the couch with Jason and the girls eating pizza. My idea of a Saturday is walking to Bread Co with Jason and the girls to get coffee (for us) and chocolate milk (for them) and bagels (for all of us) then spend the afternoon at the park or the zoo or the Science Center or anywhere THEY would have a good time.
     The point is this...things still feel life or death sometimes, but that life or death is making all THEIR dreams come true. The situation that is so serious to me now is making sure THEY are having the best time ever. Basically, my priorities are right where they should be now - my family. The one I created. The one I never really knew (as a kid) that I needed, but now (as an adult) that I have it will do whatever I can to make it the best it can be. That is the priority of MY life.
     What about you?


Ms Whit said...

Thank you so much for following MsWhitsRecipe Blog. Come back anytime. I admire you for training for the marathon. I can't even get up enough courage and spunk to try walking and I need to so bad. Have a wonderful day.

Sunafire said...

I don't have kids but if I did I would probably be the same as you. It's definitely a maternal thing.

I've never been a needy person so I guess my priorities are my friends.

RealFitMama said...

Ms Whit & Sunafire,

Thanks for the nice comments and for the follows. keep coming back and I will keep writing!

Maria (realfitmama)

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