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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Baked Tofu Round 2...I WON!

Ok - I have to admit...I had my doubts about my ability to make good baked tofu. After all, Jason's the chef, not me. However, my second attempt went much better than the first and I am so stoked that there is enough left over for me to take to work for lunch tomorrow.

I found these great veggies at Whole Foods.
(don't tell Trader Joe I cheated on him last weekend!)

After dinner Linsey, Regan and I each had a little desert (as we usually do).

 Joe Joe's from Trader Joe's.
I have redeemed myself in our relationship!

Now the girls and I are going to pile up in my bed and wait for Jason to get home from school because Linsey isn't feeling well, I'm getting very sleepy and Regan - well...

That's where she stands right now.
Sorry for the short post tonight, but my girls need me and I have to meet their needs. This blog will still be here tomorrow and the editing I still need to finish isn't going anywhere either.
If anyone has experience with editing CSS templates LET ME KNOW! I'm having trouble fixing the links at the top of the screen and ended up deleting them completely by accident so all I have left is the HOME link...oh well.
Tomorrow is another day.
Good night.


Colleen said...

The new layout looks great! Tell Regan we miss her and hope she feels better soon.

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