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Sunday, November 8, 2009

What A Beautiful Day...

The weather today is amazing and the girls and I spent the afternoon running errands, playing in the parking lot of Trader Joe's (safe right?) and playing in the leaves in the front yard.
But before that I made Sunday morning pancakes.

These pancakes were so good. The pancake recipe I use is so versatile that you can mix and match flavors any way you want. The possibilities are endless.

Today's were blueberry! I even put a container of 365 blueberry applesauce into the batter to make them extra bluberry-ey. They were yummy.

Then the girls and I headed outside for the afternoon. Target and Trader Joe's were PACKED and we spent a long time in Target strolling through the Christmas section. I love the holidays, but I'm going to enjoy the weather we have now as long as I can.

After we got home Regan went down for a nap and I had some lunch.

Linsey and Regan had basically eaten their lunch while we shopped at Trader Joe's. They each had a banana, a Trader Joe's apple bar and a piece of candy from the check out guy for finding the elephant! I'm pretty sure they were full. :)

Of course, Linsey and I still had room for these...

Candy Cane Joe Joe's while we watched TiVo episodes of GLEE!


Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

Isn't Trader Joe's great? I love it there, I wish there was one closer to me (I have two within 20-30 minutes but that's still too far for my daily shopping).

RealFitMama said...

I adore Trader Joe's. I do all of my shopping there and feel lucky to have one within minutes of my house.

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