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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Is it Friday...YET?

I need a weekend REALLY badly. This week has just kicked my butt for some reason and tomorrow will just push me right over the edge. My co-worker wasn't feeling well all day today and near the end of the day let me know she won't be in tomorrow. OK...I can handle it. I've done it before. However, I'm tired and being a baby tonight and REALLY don't even want to go in to work tomorrow. But I'll make it. I have to... right?
On a brighter note - the whole wheat pumpkin pancakes were a HIT with the kids this morning. They couldn't get enough of them and THAT makes me super happy! Personally, I thought they needed more pumpkin, but it was the first time making them. Next time I'm prepared and they will be even better. :)

I started the morning off with a really great run. I've cut my morning runs down to 2 miles because I want to run the entire thing WITHOUT my chest feeling like it's going to explode. I'm almost there and once I reach that goal I will extend my distance to 3 miles and so on... I'm bummed that I won't be able to run in the morning since I have to be at work so much earlier than usual, but I'll get a really good one in on Saturday afternoon.
Breakfast started out with one of these...

Hadn't had one in FOREVER so I splurged and it was so worth it. Next on the breakfast menu was something TOTALLY different. SHOCKED? I knew you would be...

Who snuck that veggie sausage patty into my bowl?!?!
This breakfast consisted of nonfat plain Oikos yogurt with about 1/4 cup canned pumpkin, 1/4 cup (roughly) cinnamon puffins, and 2 T REAL maple syrup.
Today was another day that just slipped away from me and time was NOT my friend. I made it through and even had a really great lunch...ALSO something different. Amazing huh...

Ok Ok - the honey crisp apple isn't new, but the meal is!
I took a regular Mildly Spiced Vegetable Burrito (that's it's name) from TJ's and on top melted a little shredded cheddar, added some chopped romaine, sliced avacado and a spoon full of light sour cream. It was so good!
After work I rushed over to get Linsey and her friend Nicole (today was my day to drive to dance) and then had to get Linsey's mass of hair into a bun for ballet. Her teacher is a stickler for the rules
(which I totally respect)
But HOLY CRAP my child has a lot of hair and after a full day of it being down at school - that bun just isn't wanting to stay put! But I made it happen. I'm super mom like that. :)
On the way back to get Regan I had MY snack...

Get Regan? Check.
Get Linsey and Nicole from dance? Check.
Drop of Nicole at her house? Check.
Get home and make a sensible dinner? Check...

This salad was AMAZING!!! It's the Powerhouse from TJ's and let me tell rocked. Linsey and Regan even ate it up WITHOUT complaining. That's a winning meal in my book - for sure. I topped mine with Morningstar Farms Buffalo Wings for that extra kick of spice and crunch.
A dinner this good called for a BIG FINISH...

My new favorite cookie!

My new favorite cookie with the last bit of Bissinger's chocolate...
Time for baths and bed. Thank goodness.
Is it Friday...YET?


Kara said...

I keep reading that greek yogurt is the best kind for you in the world, and I really want to try it! I just wish it weren't so expensive... that's my only issue with tryin to buy some organic foods. Thank God for Trader Joe's!!!

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

Great, now I'm hungry...*grumble* :)

Megan @ Healthy Hoggin said...

Good job on the morning run! I'm trying to switch to morning workouts, but it's SO hard sometimes!

Have you ever tried adding quick walk breaks to your runs? It helps build endurance without making your chest feel like it's going to explode! I walk about one minute for every 5 minutes of running, and it really helps you run longer, without sacrificing much time!

Great blog :)

RealFitMama said...

Greek yogurt is one of my favorite things! I eat it like that for breakfast and I also it eat as a dessert with mini chocolate chips. It's really yummy.

Being hungry is not a crime!! :)

Megan @ Healthy Hoggin,
Thanks for the comment. I'm so glad you like the blog. As a matter of fact I do add walking intervals to my runs (mostly because I'm not a TRUE runner yet) but also because I think it does good things for my calorie burn to get the heart rate up and rest and go up and rest and so on. It's hard for me to stay at one level the entire time. Keep reading!


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