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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Can't we all just stay well?

Today is coming to an end and I feel like my head is never going to stop spinning.
I got up this morning at 5:45 and went for another great run. I'm really enjoying having the sun as my running partner. When I got back Jason was up so he and I shared some conversation (child free) over a cup of coffee. Then we took showers and got the girls up. Another morning of seeing them before I left for work and I gotta tell you...I like it a lot.

Breakfast was extra yummy for some reason this morning. I didn't do anything different to the Sunday Oats, but for some reason they tasted especially good. Maybe it was because I was so hungry or maybe it was because Jason was there this morning hanging out for a few minutes after he dropped Regan off at her class. Either way this tasted great...

The rest of the day was smooth sailing (thankfully) and my lunch was even better than I dreamed it was going to be after I made it lastnight.

It was my new favorite bread (Rudy's Organic Bakery 7 grain and flax) with roasted garlic hummus, lettuce, red onion, sliced roma tomatoes and sliced avacado. SO GOOD!
My new drink from Whole Foods was super yummy too.

Then at 2:30, Colleen (one of Regan's new teachers) informed me that Regan woke up from her nap with rosy cheeks and a fever of 102.7. Oddly enough Jason had just made her an appointment with the pediatrician because her cough is STILL HERE! So we left to go see the doctor and guess what? Double ear infection and a temp of 102.8. After being prodded and poked and had her breathing listened to from the front and back a 'mean lady' came in and gave her (dun dun dun) THE FLU SHOT! She hated it.

Then we stopped by for a quick visit at Jason's work and then a long wait for the prescriptions to get filled at Target lead to Regan trying on some clothes.

I ended up buying the outfit simply because she had rubbed her snot all over it! That's one way to get a new outfit...I guess.

We picked Linsey up from dance, came home and made a super quick dinner.

I was soooo hungry (I forgot my snack today) and I ate way too fast so I gave myself a tummy ache. :(

I've given Regan all her new medicines. Jason's home to help with the inhailer and then it's off to bed.
Almost an hour after Motrin this is how Regan's doing...

Although you wouldn't know it to look at her!

 I feel really bad because I have to stay home tomorrow with Regan, which means my co-worker has to feed roughly 300 people by herself (I'm sure other co-workers will step in and help) because I'm not going to be there and we have a family function going on. I hate it when I have to take the day off and leave people hanging like that, but my baby's sick. Like I said in the Sunday priorities have changed.

I'm so sorry Desiree...I'll see you on Thursday. I promise!


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