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Monday, November 2, 2009

November is great so far...

I have to say that the last part of October was terrible (as far as the weather anyway), but November is making up for it already! Today was BEAUTIFUL. It was sunny (haven't had that in a while) and warm and NOT RAINING!

I started my morning with a really great run. It was odd to be running with the sun shining. It almost made me feel like I was late to work, but I was just lucky to have the sun in my face for a change. Kids don't get the time change though. When I got home from running (at 6:30) both the girls were already awake. So Jason and I took really quick showers and I actually got to see both girls for quite a while before going to work. Usually Regan is still asleep when I leave. So it was a great morning all around.

Once I got to work I enjoyed two leftover Pumpkin Oatmeal Pancakes topped with some almond butter. They were still delicious a day later and reheated in the magic hot box!

These pancakes served along side my travel mug of hazelnut coffee was definitely the perfect breakfast.

Work was nice. It was busy, but just the right kind of busy. You know? The kind of busy that keeps you moving all day, but never gets you stressed out or rushed. I basically moved at a moderately fast pace all day and it was a great way to start the work week. It makes you feel like the week will be smooth sailing right into the weekend.

Lunch was the usual except I tried a new drink that I saw at Whole Foods over the weekend.

My sandwich was the same combo as normal, but I switched back to the 7 grain flax bread from Whole Foods by Rudy's Organic Bakery. Per slice it is 100 calories, 1.5 grams of fat and 4 grams of fiber and absolutely my pick over the Trader Joe's version simply because of the texture. It is so soft and chewy...I'm getting hungry just talking about it. :) But the Synergy drink I bought is something else all together. It caught my eye because of all the good things it has in it, but when I opened it at work this afternoon and smelled it I had to do a double take and make sure it wasn't an alcoholic drink! It had that fermented smell and sure enough - right there on the BACK label it says...

(sorry for the poor quality)

I ended up giving it to a coworker because I just really didn't like the taste. I do, however, have another flavor that I'm going to try this week, but NOT at work. I work around preschoolers all day long and even though it's organic tea - I felt guilty drinking it there! :D

So to make myself feel better I had a huge glass of ice water and...


Regan had a great first full day in the new classroom and when we got home she told Jason (and I quote) "I had a good time in the Comets Daddy." Luckily Jason and I got home right about the same time and had just enough time to pack Regan into her stroller and walk to pick up Linsey. The weather was gorgeous and I love the walk. So it was nice for everyone.

We got home and had a quick snack before sending Jason off to class for the evening.

And then I spent what felt like forever doing dishes and making dinner. I bought some extra firm tofu at Whole Foods with the intentions of baking it in an asian glaze. Sounds good right - well it would have been tons better, but I made it a little too spicy. I mixed a little soy sauce, sourghum molasses, ginger, cayenne pepper and sea salt with a jarred peanut glaze. It smelled fantastic, but I could have done without the cayenne and possibly the ginger too.

I baked the tofu for about 35 minutes at 350 (flipping it over once halfway through) and after I scraped off most of the glaze it went great with my mashed sweet potatoes and mixed baby greens in a sesame dressing. A windmill cookie with a piece of Bissinger's dark chocolate snuck past the camera tonight, but I was in desperate need of that sweetness after the extra spicy dinner.

Anyway, the long day is coming to an end. Jason will be home soon and the girls are begging me to watch the end of Coraline with them so I must obey.

Good night bloggers. Sweet dreams. Until tomorrow...


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