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Saturday, November 21, 2009

That's Right...

Hi... :)

I'm posting quick because Jason's yelling at me to get in the shower! Oh well - he'll live. I'll be ready in time! My mom will be here about 5pm to stay with the girls, the auction starts at 6pm and dinner starts at 7pm. The dancing (my favorite part) starts at 9:30pm. We think that dinner is being served buffet style, but don't know what it is and since I'm vegetarian I had a pretty big lunch. Actually - I'm really full! I'm also going to take an Odwalla bar in my purse just in case, but I think after what I just ate I'll be good for quite some time.

I did a little house cleaning earlier - then Linsey and I walked to the store to pick up a couple items my mom would need tonight. Once we got home we had some lunch. I had the remains of my pad thai from dinner last night and the last spring roll. I have to say that is wasn't as good as it was last night, but it was still fairly tasty...

After eating all that I still needed something sweet. I only had one yogurt left so i decided to put it to good use! I used one single serving yogurt, a sprinkle of dark chocolate chips, a sprinkle of white chocolate chips, a drizzle of honey and a drizzle of real maple syrup - then mix and eat. YUM!

I really do have to go get ready now because it takes FOREVER to dry this mop of hair I got going on...thankfully I'm getting a hair cut and color on Friday. Love ya Heather!
I'll take lots of pictures tonight, but I may not be back until tomorrow...or will I?
Wish me luck!!


In case you're interested - I wrote another article today. I'm really proud of it because it's about a program I am putting Linsey in that I think will be very beneficial to her. So go check it out and let me know what you think!

Everyone have a GREAT Saturday night... :)


thisvegetarianlife said...

Looks like a tasty day! :)

Have a great night!

ktbwood said...

love your blog! you have a beautiful family!

Courtney Reed said...

I should not have read that on an empty stomach! LOL

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