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Monday, November 16, 2009

Dinner and then...GLEE!

Helloooo friends!
Is everyone enjoying their Monday evening?
Mine has been pleasently uneventful...and rainy. UGH! I'm so tired of rain I can't hardly stand it, but I will - what choice do I have?
So tonight Linsey asked if we could have french fries for dinner. I started to say 'No', but then decided that if we had something healthy to go along with the french fries - why not. So that's just what we did...

Can I just tell you how delicious these are?! I saw them in the grocery store the other day and had to get them. I'm a sucker for ALL of Morningstar Farms products (except the sausage links - not good) and LOVE to try their new products when I find them.
I swear - Morningstar Farms needs to start paying me for all the advertising I do for them! I love their stuff. I should be a taste tester for their new products.
If anyone knows the Morningstar Farms people give them my name and email address...PLEASE! :)

I am in love with these sandwich thins! I found them a few months ago at Target (of all places) and buy them periodically instead of hamburger buns. They're also really good for a PB&J or any sandwich that you like. They have a hint of sweet to them and are really healthy too. For only 100 calories they pack a nutritional punch with high fiber and NO high fructose corn syrup. :)
All those things combined with some sliced red onion and red leaf lettuce turned into this...

After dinner I made tomorrow's lunches for everyone. I even made a 'taste test' sandwich for my friend Michelle. She read the blog and asked me this morning to make my 'go to' sandwich for her when I make one for me. It just so happens (shocking I know) that I was planning on having one for lunch tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes or she can leave a detailed comment telling you for herself! Hint Hint Michelle...

Once lunches were done the girls and I decided to catch up on GLEE. We've missed a couple of weeks and figured a rainy Monday was as good of a time as any to catch up. Linsey and I LOVE this show. It is hysterical and the music is fantastic. If you haven't watched it I highly recommened going online and catching up. You will NOT regret it.

Jason's home now and after all the trouble I went through today making that soup - he's eating a (wait for it..) Morningstar Farms Italian Sausage on a Trader Joe's bratwurst bun. He said to tell you that it's really good and he'll eat the soup for lunch tomorrow with the sandwich I made for him.



Anonymous said...

Thank you!!!

I work at Morningstar Farms and personally make the foods. We all work hard to make it right!

RealFitMama said...

Ummm...are you being serious? Because if you are - OMG!!! I was being totally serious about the taste tester thing. I'm so in.

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