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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

That was the night that the lights went out in U-City...

Picked Regan up from school and Linsey up from dance just as planned. Got home around 6:30 and what we found next was NOT planned. NO POWER! Well, no power in the back half of the house. That means no power in Linsey's roon, Regan's room, mine & Jason's room and the bathroom. So that meant no baths for the girls because NO WAY am I going down into the 'Blair Witch Project' we have for a basement and Jason wouldn't be home for a few more hours. They were devestated ecstatic!

Once I got my bearings I was good to go. It was almost 7:00 though and the girls were starving so once again I turned to my pantry that is fairly well stocked with go to easy menu items that the girls enjoy. No shocker here!

This is one I'm not particularly fond of, but do keep some around for moments like tonight.

I would have to guess that 90% of the vegetables I use are either fresh or frozen. I'm not a fan of canned vegetables because of all the preservatives and salt that is added, but once in a while I will stock up on a few cans of organic veggies that the girls like. I figure if it's only randomly that we eat them then 'no harm no foul' - right?

Linsey likes to take left over mac n cheese in her lunch box so I saved what was left for that and I ate left overs from Sunday's dinner. I added a Morningstar Farms Italian Herb Chik Patty and also had some of the green beans. The organic ones definitely taste better than the other kinds out there, but I still prefer fresh or frozen.

Not long after dinner Jason made his way home from work and like the brave, take one for the team (or family in this case) hero that he is - He went into the 'Blair Witch Project' basement. He flipped ALL the breakers a couple times and nothing happened. The lights in the back of the house were still out and it became clear they weren't coming back on anytime tonight. So much for that...

Amazingly, I got all the dishes done AND put away despite the panic and fear that had set into my daughter's causing them to whine and cry and beg for me to 'TURN ON THE LIGHTS'! I got my lunch for tomorrow made. I packed Linsey's lunch box for tomorrow with snack AND made Jason a sandwich to take to work along with his bar. I'm feeling pretty proud of myself! The girls, of course, could care less what I had accomplished. I didn't manage to take care of the one thing that was truely bothering them so therefore the night was a bust and they made sure I knew it. Regan didn't want me to put her to bed or even HELP put her to bed. Linsey simply kissed me and said goodnight. I'm not Mother of the Year tonight...obviously. Oh well. You win some and you lose some, but I'm still feeling proud of myself.

So proud, in fact, I've decided that starting Friday I'm going to add a few new items to the blog. I'm really enjoying writing the Sunday Segment so be looking for more of those. (and not just on Sunday) I'm going to be having a Monday Moment - where I take a moment to rant or rave about something that is happening either in my life personally or in the world. I'm working on a Tuesday post that will be called 'What to Cook When You Don't Have Time to Cook' because that's how I feel every Tuesday and I'm so tired of the same old thing! And one that I decided to do in honor of my friend Elisabeth (who moved away to Cali) called the Friday Fight Song. I'm going to do a Top 10 every Friday of my favorite songs to run to. I know that I can get very burned out on the song list in my ipod and I'm sure other people can too. So this list will help us all update or switch up what we listen to while working out.

Sorry this post is so short, but I'm exhausted and even though I can't see it - I can hear my bed calling my name. Hopefully the power will be back on tomorrow.



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