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Saturday, December 19, 2009

A 'Snowy' Saturday...

Mornin peeps!
I have been hearing about all this snow happening in the NorthEast causing flights to be canceled left and right and I feel kind of bad for the 'snow' that we got. Once we were up and ready we headed out to brave the 'tundra' in our frontyard. :)

It was cold I had to let the car warm up!
Then we headed off to meet Jeff, Olivia and Mia for breakfast at Bread Co. We haven't been in a few Saturdays and I must confess - it's not as much fun to drive as it is when we walk. The walking gives it a little more adventure and feels like we really deserve the bagels and coffee. Like we worked hard for it or something. Oh well - the bagels still tasted good and the coffee was still hot. All wasn't lost in the morning. The girls had a good time. Jason, Jeff and I got to chat grown up style. A good morning was had all around.

Jeff is a sutterbug too...can you tell? How many people take there camera's to Bread Co on a Saturday morning to take pictures of people eating bagels and drinking coffee? Well - I DO!!

Regan enjoyed her bagel and had fun playing with Mia from across the table.

Jason was busy being goofy while I tried to get a good picture of him so this is what he gets stuck with this morning. Maybe next time he'll cooperate? Doubtful...
I went the holiday route this morning and tried the Gingerbread bagel with honey walnut cream cheese and my usual large hazelnut coffee. It was very yummy! (despite what the guy behind the counter said)

Oh sweet nectar of the gods!
The morning ended with the girls running around the shop and the grown ups deciding it was time to call it quits. So we packed up and brought the gang back to our house for a while. The girls played in Linsey's room while the grown ups did techy stuff.
Jeff and Mia have gone home, Regan's crying because Linsey and Olivia won't let her in the bedroom, Jason's still trying to fix the old laptop and I need to clean house.
Welcome to my life. :D


Colleen said...

I was inspired by all your lunch posts to put slices of red onion and apple on my fake-turkey sandwich last night for dinner and it was SO.GOOD! Thanks for the inspiration!

RealFitMama said...

Anytime!! Now inspire me to go out and run in this freezing cold weather! :)

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